Minutes of our PVHG September 2019 meeting

At Venue 35 – the Memorial Hall Meeting Room – on Tuesday 24th September 2019 at 7:30 pm

Present: Chairman Robin Boucher and 9 members

Apologies: Robert Dilworth, David Oakley

Minutes of the previous (May) meeting were approved and signed.

The High Street walk took place on Tuesday 25th June, despite the wet weather, and was well received by all attending. 

Robin would be happy to repeat the High Street walk, and also to host a Mill Street walk, as Peter’s notes are still available. Dates can be decided at the next AGM. 

Robin reported that Wendy Freer of Pudding Bag Productions had been in touch. The Rev Thomas Pestell film had been produced, and had been shown at the Lyric. Wendy agreed that PVHG can make a small display at the film showing in Packington on 25th October 2019.  Sue has once again agreed to provide display boards.

The Photographic Record 2019 of village buildings is now on the website, at https://pvhg.uk/packington-2019/ Still missing is coverage of “Stonehouse Farm” on Babelake Street.  Post-meeting note: Coverage of Little Lane will shortly be available. Two more areas need coverage: recent building, at Drum and Monkey Lane, and The Grove. 

Robin has replied to the query regarding the blind Packington Stallion.

The PVHG display at Open Gardens was a success. A thank-you letter had been received from Geoff Gasson.   

During our summer break, Nev and Robin attended the day course at Leicester University concerning sound archiving of oral histories, they agreed it had been interesting despite being very technical to begin with.  Several history groups attended.  Robin emphasised the fact that tapes can deteriorate over time and digitalising would be the answer.  The question of obtaining further oral histories was discussed and who in the village could be interviewed.  Members agreed the necessary equipment needed to  be ready before asking people for an interview.

Robin reported he had received some photographs from Richard North, a past resident of Packington, and these photos are now in the archives.

Gems from the Gilwiskaw” by Laura Cooper has at last been produced.  One hundred copies have been printed by Context at a cost of £145, this has been paid.  Copies are now for sale.

Members continued to thin archive material. The meeting ended at 9.30pm.

The next meeting is Tuesday, 29th October at 7.30pm.

PVHG Autumn Meetings: Tuesdays, 24 September and 29 October 2019

The next Packington Village History Group PVHG meeting will take place on Tuesday 24th September 2019, when we will catch up on things following our summer break.

At our following meeting Tuesday 29th October, Sue Brown will make a presentation on “Medieval Packington”. Any non-member who would like to join us will be warmly welcome – both meetings will take place in Venue 35, the Memorial Hall Meeting Room at 7:30 pm

PVHG is happy to issue a reminder that on Friday 25th October, Pudding Bag Productions will be showing FREE of CHARGE the film, made partially in our village this summer, about the Reverend Thomas Pestell, the historical figure who served as Vicar of Packington in the turbulent times of the English Civil War and its aftermath.

Tickets will be available at Daybreak Services, free of charge, for the showing in Venue 175, the Memorial Hall at 7:30 pm

PVHG Publishes new Packington History Booklet – “Gems from the Gilwiskaw”

Packington Village History Group PVHG is delighted to welcome publication of “Gems from the Gilwiskaw”, which author Laura Cooper completed shortly before her death.

Gems” represents a lasting tribute to Laura’s participation in Packington life, and illustrates her commitment to recording the village’s history.

Laura was born in Packington in 1931, but lived for her first four years in Ravenstone. (Laura said that her parents decided to move back to Packington so that she could attend the Packington School). She remained in Packington for the rest of her life.

In “Gems” she paints vivid pictures from her childhood in the village (and Ravenstone) in the 1930’s and 40’s. Laura completed the manuscript shortly before her death in 2016.

Copies are available from:

  • Robin Boucher tel 411638 email: randbboucher@googlemail.com
  • Yvonne Eaton tel 412269 email: yvonne.eat@outlook.com
  • at a cost of £3.50 each copy
Robin Boucher
Packington Village History Group 
August 2019      

Guided Tour – High Street History Walk – 7pm Tuesday 25th June 2019, led by PVHG

Packington Village History Group PVHG offers a FREE guided history walk of our village High Street, taking place at 7 pm on Tuesday 25th June 2019 (weather permitting!).

Meeting point: just across the road from the Bull and Lion.

The guided walk will be led by PVHG chair Robin Boucher, whose reputation as a fount of knowledge of Packington History is well -deserved.

The meeting point is the location a century ago of Packington’s Reading Room building, now the service road of Heather Lane

Robin will describe historic features of our High Street, some of which are more evident than others:

Perhaps you have seen this odd-shaped stone at the High Street entrance to Hall Lane – do you know what it is called, or what it is for?

There is a story behind many of the historic buildings and features of our High Street, and we who can walk blithely past today may never have realised the way things were in times of yore.

Do come along and join us for this informative event, (did we mention it is FREE?) which leads at its end to refreshments in our Memorial Hall Venue 35, where a display of High Street information will be available.

Minutes of our PVHG May 2019 meeting

At Venue 35 – the Memorial Hall Meeting Room – on Tuesday 28th May 2019 at 7:30 pm

Present: Chairman Robin Boucher and 9 members:

  • Yvonne Eaton, Secretary & Treasurer
  • David Fill
  • David Oakley
  • Marion Wright
  • Nev Bray
  • Stephen Hallam
  • Pam Worthington
  • Robert Dilworth
  • Sue Brown

Apologies: Adrian Mongredien

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.

Matters arising:- 

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May Meeting – Tuesday 28th May 2019

Just a reminder that the group will meet again on Tuesday 28th May 2019 at 7.30 pm in Venue 35, the Memorial Hall Meeting Room.

  • David Oakley has indicated that he will have some information about Packington’s soldier recruits in the early nineteenth century.
  • We will check progress on the Packington 2019 photo project, with some records already displayed here on the website
  • We can confirm preparations for the High St. Walk on 25th June.
  • If there is time left we will do some more work on the archive.

I will look forward to seeing you all again at the meeting.

Robin Boucher, Chair, PVHG

Minutes of our PVHG April 2019 Meeting

At Venue 35 – the Memorial Hall Meeting Room – on Tuesday 30th April 2019 at 7:30 pm

Present: Chairman Robin Boucher and 9 members:

  • Yvonne Eaton, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Adrian Mongredien
  • David Fill
  • David Oakley
  • Di Holdsworth
  • Marion Wright
  • Nev Bray
  • Pam Worthington
  • Robert Dilworth

Apologies received from Sue Brown.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.

Robin welcomed our 2 new members: Pam Worthington and  Marion Wright.

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The Packington Blind Horse 1755-1770

Packington Post magazine Issue 68 September 2014

The following paragraphs appeared in Packington Post Issues 67 and 68, describing a famous blind horse from our village that is believed to have effectively founded the Shire Horse breed. At the end of our extract below, you can download FREE the source text from the printed book of 1899.

Foundation Stallion for the Shire Breed

The term “Shire horse” was first used in the mid-17th century, and incomplete records begin to appear near the end of the 18th century.

The “Packington Blind Horse”, from Leicestershire, is one of the best- known horses of the era, with direct descendants being recorded from 1755 to 1832.

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Minutes of our PVHG March 2019 Meeting

At Venue 35 – the Memorial Hall Meeting Room – on Tuesday 26th March 2019 at 7:30 pm

Present: Chairman Robin Boucher, 8 members, one new member

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.
  • Robin welcomed David Oakley to the group as a new member.
  • Robin reported the latest regarding the Thomas Pestell film production. Wendy Freer has applied for a grant, the result of which should be known within approximately 4 weeks.
  • The June 25th PVHG High Street guided walk is on track.
  • We have not heard from Paula Dring confirming her permission to photograph the graves in her garden. Yvonne will call and ask if she is agreeable.
  • The Memorial Hall committee have invited ALL village associations and groups to an Open Evening on Friday 26th April 2019. Members agreed PVHG should attend. Sue will provide display stands. This will be an opportunity to sell ourselves, and hopefully encourage more membership. Members are to meet at 10am on Monday, 15th April to plan and prepare for the evening.

The main item of the evening was how best to record the continual changes in the village. A drone could take aerial photographs periodically, but might be too expensive. Sue suggested the National Monuments Record at Swindon may already have aerial photos of Packington, and will investigate. The Historic England Archive apparently has 4 million aerial photographs, of which 95,000 are available online at Britain From Above

Adrian proposed that a photo be taken of every house for sale in the village as new occupants invariably change the property. Members agreed photographs of each street be taken and recorded; David agreed to co-ordinate the placing of photos on the website and the following members agreed to be responsible for recording their street:-

  • David Oakley – Hall Lane
  • David Fill – Brook Close and Babelake
  • Sue / Di – Mill Street
  • Robin – Normanton Road
  • Yvonne – Ashby Road
  • Adrian – Spring Lane
  • Nev – Homecroft

The meeting closed at 9.10pm

The next meeting is Tuesday, 30th April at 7.30pm

Minutes of our PVHG February 2019 Meeting

Paula Dring gave PVHG a presentation on the life of Joseph Goadby

Present:  Chairman Robin and 9 members

No apologies were received.

Robin welcomed our speaker for the evening, Mrs. Paula Dring. 

Paula spoke on the life and work of Reverend Joseph Goadby, who was the Baptist Minister in Packington until his death in 1842, and who is buried in her garden.

Part of the garden is the former Baptist Chapel graveyard, near to the site of the old Baptist church building which was eventually demolished in the 20th Century. 

Using a nice slide projection, PVHG members were given details of the development of the Baptists in the area, and how Reverend Goadby had dramatically increased their population and become very much loved and respected. 

Paula was thanked by all present for a very interesting talk.

Next, the minutes of the January meeting were approved and signed.

Robin reported he had received correspondence from Wendy Freer of Pudding Bag Productions, who has now completed 90% of the script for the film of Rev Pestell. Wendy said Carol Price, the head of Packington Primary School, is keen for the children to take part. Wendy has also employed a flute player and actor.

The 25th June 2019 High Street walk is now looking good. Robin has progressed with his script, and also has a number of pictures forq display in Venue 35, the Memorial Hall Meeting Room, to complement the walk.

Another session of sorting the archives has been arranged for Tuesday 12th March from 10am to noon, all members are invited to attend.

Recording of the Packington Parish boundaries and any changes within the village, are to be discussed at our Tuesday 26th March meeting. Robin will place an article in the Packington Post asking if any village residents wish to take part.  

The meeting closed at 9.10pm.