PVHG is the Packington Village History Group, and this website is at pvhg.uk

We are a small group interested in A) Packington and B) History.

The objects of PVHG are to:

  • record, help preserve, and disseminate the history of the village of Packington
  • promote an interest in history (especially of the parish of Packington) in the local community.

We have met formally since the late 20th-Century within the village. Typically we met nine times a year, on fourth Tuesday evenings in meeting months. During the 2020-21 pandemic, we instead may have monthly get-togethers on Zoom, and have waived our small subscription of £ 10 a year, which normally helps provide hot drinks and biscuits before meetings.

Current Projects

Meanwhile, members work individually on various projects, for which help is ALWAYS welcome. These include:

  • Dissemination of our records through this website
  • Parish Records – transcriptions of Baptism, Marriage and Burial records for our village
  • Graveyard and headstone information
  • Photographic records of our village’s built environoment
  • Maintenance of our archive of village information, currently holding over 3,000 separate items, mainly newspaper extracts and old photographs and records
  • Guided historical tours of village highlights
  • Oral History transcriptions, from recordings made by then residents in the last century about the mid-wars period in their lives
  • Recording of how current events affect our village
  • We have in the past produced a number of small publications about our village and about those who have lived in it. More details are here on our Documents page. We would hope to produce more if volunteers become available

Please Join Us !

Please join us ! – just come along to our meetings, usually notified on this website or in Packington Post magazine. Contact our Chair or Secretary:

Chair 2021 Robin Boucher tel 411638

Secretary & Treasurer 2021 Sue Brown

Privacy Statement – downloadable copy below

Personal data held by the Group

  1. The Group maintains an archive which includes information about people who are or have been resident in the village. Such material is commonly obtained from sources in the public domain (“Ashby Times”, “Packington Post”, “Parish News”). It is held for future historical research and for an indefinite period. Archive material is held in a secure locked cabinet in a secure premises within the village of Packington
  2. The Group maintains a list of (e-mail) addresses of its members and of people who have expressed interest in Group activities. This is to enable efficient and effective communication among Group members. The information is held until its subject has had no contact with the Group for a period of twelve months. A secure record is also kept by the Group’s Treasurer of members’ payment of the Group’s annual subscriptions.

These are legitimate interests for collecting and holding personal data.

The Group’s commitments to data protection

  1. We will maintain all personal information securely and take all reasonable steps to avoid any breach.
  2. We will not collect or retain more data than is necessary to achieve our objects.
  3. We will maintain inventories of data held in the archive, membership list, subscriptions and any other personal data held.
  4. We will not share personal data with any other agency for commercial or other gain without the agreement of the data subject.
  5. We will delete data if requested by the data subject.

(signed) Robin Boucher (Chair) 24th March 2021

You can download a full copy of our Privacy Statement (120kB)