MARRIAGES 1567-1837

We are privileged to have had access to some 500-plus Parish Records of Marriages in our village, between 1567 and 1837, in the transcription table below this introduction, provided by PVHG member Sue Brown.

Please note: there are only marriages here. For baptisms and burials, go to this page,.

Reading the hand-writing has not been easy: an entry from 1567

The parish of Packington with Snibston included dwellings and land in both Leicestershire and Derbyshire, and some records may be annotated to show this.

Entries from Summer 1738 - a little easier to read

We have used source abbreviations BT and PR for the records:

  • BT Bishop's Transcript - a copy taken after the event from the actual register, collated and sent to the bishop in arrears
  • PR Parish Register - the original book entry made at the time of the event

We've not found such a transcription elsewhere on the internet yet in early 2021 - the original records themselves are held at Leicester Records Office, but are available in some cases on the internet, un-transcribed.

Use the Search box below. on the right, to find a record from our list:

IDGroomGroom xtraBrideBride xtrayeardateB/LParishnotes
1STARKY RobartDREYCOTE Margere1567Nov 3Packington BT
2PRESSEBERE HeryBLAKESHAW Cysselye1568Jul 5Packington BT
4PINDER ThomasDRAYCOTT Ann1607/8Feb 2Packington BT
3JOHNSON RobertCLARKE Elizabeth1607/8Feb 3Packington BT
5PRESBURYE ThomasWRIGHT Mary1609May 23Packington BT
6STARKYE GeorgeCANTRELL Alice1609Oct 1Packington BT
7SANSOME WillmMASON Francis1609Oct 23Packington BT
8VINCENT RichardPRESBURY Margery1609/0Feb 1Packington BT
9RUSSELL HenryDAWMAN Anne1612Sep 4Packington BT
10GOODALL WillyamBLIZZARD Elizabeth1612/3Feb 11Packington BT
13LEIGH NicolasCOCK Bridget1614Aug 17Packington BT[date is poss 7th]
11HOODE LaurenceSPENSER Mary1614Jun 19Packington BT
12PRESBURY WillyamLEWIN Margaret1614Nov 29Packington BT
14GOODWIN JohnHAUKESLYE Agnes1614Sep 20Packington BT
15STARKIE WillPRESBURYE Margreate1617Nov 18Packington BT
16SHARPE RobartPINDER Jone1617/8Feb 3Packington BT
17NEWBOLD ThomasJOICE Katherin1623Oct 24Packington BT
18HOOD JohnSTARKEY Isabell1623/4Jan 21Packington BT
20DEANE JohnWHITBEY Hesther1627Jun 12Packington BT
19BAKEWELL ThomasJONSON Marie1627Jun 29Packington BT[?1626]
21HUTCHINS GeorgePRAT Margerie1627Nov 7Packington BT[?1626]
22TOMSON StaffordGRANGE Joane1627/8Jan 12Packington BT
23GARRAT JohnFRANCIS Elsab1628/9Jan 20Packington BT
25GOODIN RandallKENDALL Alice1629Jul 20Packington BT
24DRAYCOT JohnELSEY Alice1629Jul 4Packington BT
26STARKIE RobtPYNDER Alice1629Sep 29Packington BT
27COOPER ThomasMOSELY Margrett1633Aug 25Packington BT
28ORCHARD ThomasTHORPE Katherin1633May 10Packington BT
29COOPER ThomasDIPSIE Anne1634Nov 1Packington BT
30CARR Gamaliellclerk, minister in EssexMILLER Franciswid, of Leicester1636Apr 7LPackington BT
31ROYLE Jamesmercer, Ashby de la ZouchASTLEY Marthawid, of this p1636/7Mar 7LPackington BT
32MEAKIN GawenHartshorne DbyCANTRELL MaryBlockforby1637Oct 3LPackington BT
33FILKES JosephyeomanPESTELL Elizabeth1639Jun 25BPackington BT
35CRAMP JohnMASON Elizabeth1673Apr 20Packington BT
34ENSOR NathanielDIX Sarah1673Feb 1Packington BT
37CRAMP JohnhusbandmanMASON Elizabethvirgin1674Apr 20BPackington BT
36PICKERING Thomasotp, carpenterLAKIN KatherineAshby de la Zouch, virgin1674Aug 24BPackington BTLaykin in 2nd copy
38BAYLEY SamuelColeorton, carpenterPETCHER Maryotp1674Jun 27BPackington BT
39DIPSEY ThomastaylorNEWBOLD ---widow1675Nov 28Packington BT
40WILLOMET Richardjun, sowgelderARNOLD Elizabeth1675Oct 28Packington BT
41TOMSON JohnmillarGOODWIN Anne1675/6Jan 22Packington BT
42TURNER RichOsteryBETTS DorothyPack1676May 21Packington BT
43PICKERING JohnDiseworthLYNDOP Elizbethotp1676Sep 30BPackington BT
44MIDDLETON RichardotpSTARKEY Elizabethotp1677Apr 22BPackington BT
45BUXTONS WilliamMarkett BosworthYATES Anneotp1677Oct 9BPackington BT
47PICKERING ThomasotpSMITH Maryotp1679Jul 20BPackington BT
46ROBINSON SamuelLeicesterBEEBY Marywid, otp1679Nov 14LPackington BT
48SMALLWOOD Josephtaylor, Ashby de la ZouchBOTTOM Annotp, servant maid1680Aug 8BPackington BT
49RIGHT JohnSALISBURY ElizabethSnibston tp1680Jun 3BPackington BT
51WOODLAND SamuelwidrMUGLESTON Maryvirgin1682Jun 13LPackington BT
50PICKERING JohncarpenterPARKER Maryvirgin1682May 2BPackington BT
52TILLY JohntaylorSWIFT Maryvirgin1682Nov 12BPackington BT
53JONES AaronDYPSY Sarahvirgin1683May 13BPackington PR
54KIRPY JohnlaborerELSEY Joana1683Oct 20BPackington PR
55TOMLINSON JosephLAUNDER Maryvirgin1683St MarkBPackington PR
57GOODMAN RobertSHAW Sarah1685Nov 29Packington PR
56BUNNY WillmSt Mary LeicesterWINDHAM MehitabelSnibston1685Oct 26LPackington PR
59CAPENHURST JohnotpWILLIAMSON MaryRavenstone1686Apr 11BPackington PR
58TAYLOR JohnGOODWIN Maryvirgin1686St PeterBPackington PR
60BARTON WilliamBAYLY Marywidow1686/7Mar 24LPackington PR
61HANDLEY GeorgeshoemakerCRAMP Elizabethwidow1687Oct 20BPackington PR
63REYNER ThomasASSLEY Mary1688Apr 22BPackington PR
62GILES WilliamPOTTER Elizabeth1688May 24BPackington PRAscension Day
65ASSLE DanielWhittweekBROOKS AnnSnibston1689Oct 7BPackington PR
64MILLNER WilliamSTATHAM Anne1689Sep 22BPackington PR
66SALISBURY JohnPETCHER Frances1690Jul 7BPackington PR
67SHEARMAN JohnCOTTON Dorothy1690Oct 19BPackington PR
68CHAMBERLIN ThomasotpMOSS Francesotp1691Nov 30BPackington PR
69POTTER AbrahamNewboldWISTON ElizabethNewbold1691Oct 27LPackington PR
71TURNER WilliamOakthorpPRINCE ElizabethAshby de la Zouch1692May 18Packington PR
70PEGG WilliamotpBACH Aliceotp, wid1692Sep 14BPackington PR
72INSLY EdwardBreedonBROOKES Katherineotp1694Jun 15BPackington PR
73MAUBY WilliamRausonDODGE Francesof this town1695Apr 1BPackington PR
74NUTT RichardBATES Aliceof this town1695/6Jan 21Packington BT
75HOLT JohnRavenstonTAYLOR AnnSnibston1696Apr 6BPackington PR
76WILDERS RichardBranson p BortenSALESBEY Mary1697Jan 30?BPackington PR
77GENT JosephCHADBURN AnnStretton1699Apr 20BPackington PR
78ORETON RichardAshby de la ZouchWALKER Marywidow, Ashby de la Zouch1699May 12LPackington PR
79PICKERING JosephHART Ruthotp1699/0Feb 2BPackington PR
82HARRISON ThomasWeston DbyPICKERING Maryotp1700Jun 24BPackington PR
80MILWARD EdwdMeashamDIPSEY Joanotp1700May 27BPackington PR
81HALL JosephotpORETON Catharineotp1700May 9BPackington PR
83FALKINGHAM JohnMr, AshbyPIDDOCK ElizMrs, Ashby1702Oct 15LPackington PR
84NEWBOLD FrancisotpDOLMAN AnnNelson1702Oct 27BPackington PR
85HOLLAND GeorgeotpGARLAND Catharineotp1703Apr 24BPackington PR
86HITCHCOCK JohnMr, vicarORME ElizabethMrs, Ashby de la Zouch1703Sep 29LPackington PR
87PRESBURY HenryotpHOOD Eleanorotp1703/4Feb 3LPackington PR
88NEWBOLD JamesotpCATTEL Annotp1704Apr 24BPackington PR
89ORETON HenryBredenHOLLAND Maryotp1705Sep 17BPackington PR
90SMITH JohnotpGOF Anneotp1706Aug 22Packington PR
91RANNE JohnBriminghamSALISBURY AnneSnibson1706May 30LPackington PR
92WEAN JohnIbstockGARNER Elizabethotp1706/7Feb 2BPackington PR
93JONES AaronWATSON Judith1707Apr 13BPackington PR
96BLOCKLEY HenryRavenstonDAVIES AliceWeddington Warwicks1707Apr 13Packington PR
95CHADBOURN ThomasotpTHOMPSON Anneotp1707Aug 18BPackington PR
94PICKERING JohnotpBAKER Anneotp1707Jun 30BPackington PR
98RIDGWAY RobertIbstockSALISBURY Hannahotp1708Apr 5BPackington PR
99BROWN WmWATSON Jone1708Aug 19BPackington PR
97KERBY RalphjunrCHADBOURN Mary1708Oct 17BPackington PR
100MIDDLETON ThomasMeashamJONES Elizabethotp1708/9Feb 8BPackington PR
101JONES AaronHALL Catherine1708/9Jan 14BPackington PR
103NEWBOLD FrancisotpTILLY Elizabethotp1709Apr 27BPackington PR
102WARD ThomasAshbyTHOMPSON Maryotp1709Aug 28BPackington PR
104FAULKNOR ThomasSutton ColdfieldFARMER AliceSutton Coldfield1711Nov 11BPackington PR
106SPARE EzekielSealeMOUSLEY JudithTamworth1712Aug 28LPackington PR
105FLETCHER JosephRavenstoneWOOD HannahSnibston1712Sep 9BPackington PR
107WALL JohnMeashamSTARKEY Sarahotp1713Jul 1BPackington PR
110TOPLEY WilliamGRAINGER Mary1714Apr 4BPackington PR
108NEWBOLD RichardKIRKBY Sarah1714Jun 29BPackington PR
109DODGE ThomasHEWIT Mary1714Jun 30BPackington PR
112WARDLE RobertBAILYE Sarah1716Apr 10BPackington PR
113VARNON JohnIbstockPALLET ElizabethOsburston1716Jul 9LPackington PR
111LEVINZ SamuelBrowsely in SalopCLERK JoanColeoverton Lei1716Sep 22LPackington PR
114HOOD JohnotpPRESBURY Elizabethotp1717Aug 1BPackington PR
116DASH ThomasRUSSELL Hannah1717Mar 5LPackington PR
115HOLT ThomasKIDDIER Elizab'one of ys parish ye other of Bosworth'1717Nov 4BPackington PR
117GRANGER ThomasotpKING Annotp1718Jun 20BPackington PR
119BLASTOCK JosephotpYEAMANS Alesotp1720Nov 24BPackington PR
118CHAMBERLAN SamuelotpSCHETLEY Elizabethotp1720Nov 8BPackington PR
120HALL ThomasotpHACKWOOD Elizabethotp1721Jun 4BPackington PR
121MEA JosephPEARSON Mary'one of ys parish & ye other of Measham'1721May 4BPackington PR
122BLASTOCK RobertotpBAKEWELL ElianorColeorton1721Nov 9BPackington PR
123HUDSBY HenryDAVIS Dorothy1721Sep 24LPackington PR
124HUDSBY GeorgeotpSHARMAN Dorothyotp1722Mar 25BPackington PR
126HOOD JohnSHEPHARD Bridgid1722Nov 18BPackington PR
125GREEN ThomasHALL Hannah1722Sep 16BPackington PR
128HALL ThomasSHEPHARD Mary1724Jan 20BPackington PR
127TOMSON IsaacMeashamBROWN SarahOsgathorpe1724Jun 18BPackington PR
129WARD ThoMeashamWARD ElizShackerston1724May 27LPackington PR[year either 1724 or 25]
131NOURSE AbrahamMeashamHEARTLY MaryMeasham1725May 12BPackington PR
130DOLLMAN WmNortonEVERTON ElizabethMeasham1725Sep 25BPackington PR
132BREWIN JohnRa'nstoneBLASTOCK Maryotp1726Apr 14BPackington PR
133BROWN TabitBagworthBROWN Tabithaotp1726Apr 16BPackington PR
136SWEET WmEGGINGTON Mary1726Dec 25BPackington PR
137MALKIN ThomasHARGREVE AnnGreasley1726Jun 25BPackington PR
140LORD Peter[Wm crossed thro]DARBY MargaretMeasham1726May 30BPackington PR
139SHARP JohnWARD Frances1726Nov 25BPackington PR
138LAKIN JohnGreasleyJAQUES SarahGreasley1726Oct 12BPackington PR
135WHITE ThomasHOLLAND Mary1726Oct 29BPackington PR
134CHAMBERLIN ThomasIREDISH Katherine1726Sep 29BPackington PR
141CLARK RobtLEMMANS AliceGresly1726/7Feb 12BPackington PR
145LUDFORD DanielGOYLES Elizabeth1727Apr 3BPackington PR
143GARNER JohnCHOICE Katherine1727Dec 3BPackington PR
146HARE BenjaminMERCER Elizab1727May 8BPackington PR
142JEWSBURY JohnSMITH AnnMeasham1727Oct 2BPackington PR
144HALL ThomasHEWIT Sarah1727Sep 18BPackington PR
148PAGE ThoElstonJONES Elinorotp1728Apr 22BPackington PR
147MORRICE GeorgeMeashamNURSE SarahMeasham1728Apr 26BPackington PR
150EVERTON PeterMeashamNURSE MaryMeasham1728Apr 26BPackington PR
149PROUDMAN DanilMeashamBECK JaneMeasham1728Dec 15BPackington PR
151LITHERLAND EdwdJONES MaryMeasham1728/9Jan 21BPackington PR
154BURROUG ThomasWRIGHT MaryMeasham1729-30Apr 28BPackington PR[year probably 1729]
152GENT ThomasotpABBOT Francesotp1729-30Mar 1BPackington PR[year probably 1729/0]
153MOULD Richard--- --- [blank]Measham1729-30May 18BPackington PR[year probably 1729]
156MEE RobertotpTOMPSON Maryotp1729-30May 26BPackington PR[year probably 1729]
155GAMBLE GeorgeColeortonORTON Elizotp1729-30Sep 21BPackington PR[year probably 1729]
157WALKER ThomasWhitwickSMITH Hannahotp1731Apr 19BPackington PR
158BROWN WilliamotpKYDIER Susanahotp1731/2Feb 14BPackington PR
160TOPLY WmHILL Elizabeth1732Apr 20BPackington PR
159BRUIN JacobSnibstonGILBERT ElizabethSnibston, marr at Snibston1732Oct 4BPackington PR
162MORTON SamlDonnington p IbstockGRETTON MarySnibston1733Jul 29BPackington PR
161WILKINS JonathanPolesworthALLEN Hannahotp1733Nov 5BPackington PR
164OACKEY JamesotpSTORER Elizabethotp1734Jun 8BPackington PR
163NEWBOLD Francisbutcher, otpTAYLOR KatherineAsby de la Zouch1734Nov 18LPackington PR
165MIDDLETON ThomasotpLANCASTER Annotp1734/5Feb 12BPackington PR
166PROUDMAN RichardBurtonHENWORTH Katherine CurtisBurton, marr by Wm Pyke curate of Rothley1734/5Feb 12LPackington PR
171HILL ThosotpSHARP Annotp1735Dec 9BPackington PR
167CHAMBERLAIN HenryotpWOODHOUSE Sarahotp1735May 18BPackington PR
173MEAD EliasotpMIDDLETON Sarahotp1735May 29BPackington PR
169ELLIS WmotpMASSEY Janeotp, ?Mosley1735Oct 1BPackington PR
170THOMPSON SamlotpHARGRAVE Hannahotp, both of P, marr at Snibston1735Oct 13BPackington PR
168SAVAGE WalterotpHILL Susannaotp1735Oct 16BPackington PR
172ASHMORE FrancisReptonABBOT Elizabeth1735Oct 19BPackington PR
174BASSET HenrySALISBURY Elizabeth1735Sep 31*BPackington PR*date sic
175NEWBOLD RichardotpORTON AnnBlakfaby p Ashby de la Zouch1736May 13LPackington PR
176BALL Richardwidr, age abt 40, WhitwickPHILIPS Annspinster, Whitwick1737Aug 18LPackington PR
177BENTLY JnoSheepshead, widrDONNISTHORPE Elizabethotp, wid1738Nov 25LPackington PR
178KYDEAR JamesotpNEWBOLD MaryNorton1738Oct 10LPackington PR
179GOODMAN JnootpPOWDERIL Elizabethotp1740Jan 2BPackington PR[prob 1740/1]
180FLETCHER JosephMeashamDICKENS Elizabethotp1741Jul 14BPackington PR
181HOPKINS WmTOONE Sarah1742Sep 27BPackington PR
184SHARPE SamlotpKIRBY Francesotp1743Aug 15BPackington PR
182JERROME JnoBreedonGOODMAN Ellenotp1743Nov 19BPackington PR
183WHIRLEDGE HenryColeortonBOULTBEE --- [blank]Swannington1743Sep 12LPackington PR
185JOHNSON JohnIpstockMATCHIT Elizotp1745Apr 25BPackington PR
186KIRKLAND ThosMr, Ashby de la ZouchPALMER DorothyMrs, Ashby de la Zouch, marr by Mr Peter Cowper vicar of Ashby1747Aug 3LPackington PR
187ALLEN ThosotpGRANGER Maryotp1747/8Feb 23BPackington PR
188GRANGER ThosotpTOON Maryotp1748Apr 12BPackington PR
189GRISE WmotpWILLIAMSON Hannahotp1748/9Jan 30BPackington PR
190ORTON JnoSnibstonSHARP SarahShaxerson1750May 11BPackington PR
191HEXTALL AbrahamWilleslyBLASTOCK Maryotp1750/1Jan 3BPackington PR
192CROXALL RichardotpTOPLY Sarahotp1752Dec 26BPackington PR
193TIVY EdwrdWorthingtonSMITH Elizabethotp1752Jan 13BPackington PR
194MEASURES ThosotpKIRBY Judithotp1753Dec 29BPackington PR
195WOOD ThosRollestonHEATHCOAT Maryotp1754Jan 25BPackington PR
196NEWBOLD Franciswidr, sojourner tpTAYLOR Annwid, otp Db1754Mar 22LPackington PR
197CLARKE JnoHucclescote p Ibstock, xGAMBLE CiceliaSnibston tp, x1754Oct 15LPackington PR
198CARVER BenjaminotpWATSON ElizabethAshby de la Zouch1754Sep 22BOPackington PR
200ANDREWS RichardHeatherBARWELL Dorothyotp, x1755Dec 6LPackington PR
202MILNER Thomasp SealHEATHCOTE Francesotp, x1755May 11BPackington PR
201CRESWELL RichardotpABBOT JaneRavenstone1755Oct 19BOPackington PR
199WARD JnoSnibston tpLAKIN MaryAshby de la Zouch1755Sep 21BOPackington PR
206SMITH JohnotpGRANGER ElizabethMeasham, x1756Apr 25LPackington PR
203LEESON RobertMr, otpSTORER Sarahotp, x1756Aug 26LPackington PR
204MERRIMAN JnoAshbyNEWTON Annotp1756Oct 16BOPackington PR
205BUSH JohnxPEBBEDY ElizabethSnibston tp, x1756Sep 11LPackington PR
207MEE FrancisMeashamSALISBURY Francesotp1757May 30BPackington PR
209SHAW ZachariahColeorton, xWARD Elizabethotp, x1758Aug 6BPackington PR
211KNIGHT JosephAshby de la ZouchCHAMBERLAIN Annotp, x1758Dec 21BPackington PR
212CLARKE WmBurton upon TrentCHOICE Elizabethotp, x1758Jan 16BPackington PR
210TIMENS WalterGreasleySTORER Annotp1758Jan 7LPackington PR
208PICKERING JohnStapenhilDESBRO Maryotp, x1758May 15LPackington PR
217STRINGER HenrySnibston tp, xCOLTON SarahRavenstone, x1759Jul 17LPackington PR
216HORTON JosephKnaptoftPICKERING Elizotp, x1759Jul 4LPackington PR
215MEE RobertotpTHOMPSON Maryotp1759May 31BPackington PR
213BALL WilliamRavenstoneBAXTER MarySnibson tp, x1759Oct 19LPackington PR
214GARNER JohnotpSUTTON ElizabethWillesly1759Sep 25LPackington PR
218SMITH JamesotpTIMS Sarahotp, x1760Aug 14LPackington PR
221ELLIOT JosephotpBEST JaneAshby de la Zouch1760Oct 12BOPackington PR
219HALL Josephotp, xALLEN Christianotp, x1760Oct 28BPackington PR
220STUBBINS FrancisotpWILLES ElizabethWillesly1760Sep 21BOPackington PR
222SIMPSON Jamesotp, xBURROWS Annotp, x1761Apr 8BPackington PR
224NEWBOLD JohnMelborneGILES Maryotp1761May 17BPackington PR
225KIRBY CharlesotpCHOICE Maryotp, x1761Nov 18BPackington PR
223BUSHEL ThosotpHALL Catharineotp, x1761Nov 22BPackington PR
231TOPLIS WmotpWARD MaryColeorton, x1762Apr 12BPackington PR
227ASSLY RichardMelburnGOODE Maryotp1762Apr 26BPackington PR
226HALL JnootpBAXTER SarahWhitwick1762Feb 14BOPackington PR
229OACKY JamesotpCATTEL CatherineAshby de la Zouch1762Feb 14BOPackington PR
228ROBINSON ThosAshby, xGRAY Elizabethotp, x1762Oct 26BPackington PR
230THOMPSON JohnotpDODSWORTH Elizabethotp, x1762Sep 13BPackington PR
233BAKER Charlesotp, xCHOICE Katherineotp, x1763Jul 25BPackington PR
234LENTFORD Isaacotp, xSMITH Annotp, x1763Nov 14BPackington PR
232SALISBURY JohnotpHILL Maryotp, x, marr at Snibston chapel1763Oct 12LPackington PR
235PICKERING JosephotpRIDGWAY MaryAshby1763Sep 25BOPackington PR
237SAVILLE StephenSnibstonDESTER MarySnibston, x1764Aug 26BPackington PR
239STORER JosephSnibston tp, xSHAKSPEAR HannahSnibston tp, x1764Nov 15BPackington PR
236WHITE Thosotp, xSMITH Elizabethotp, x1764Oct 2BPackington PR
240THOMPSON NevilotpMORRIS AnnBarton under Needwood, x1764Oct 23BPackington PR
238ADCOCK AbrahamotpHARRISON RebeccaWhitwick1764Sep 23BOPackington PR
244COCKS EdwdAshby de la Zouch, widr, xBOOT Margaretwid, otp, x1765Jan 29LPackington PR
243TOPLIS SamlotpBOTT AliceNewbold Verdon1765Mar 23BOPackington PR
242TOPLY JohnotpROGERS RuthBreedon1765Mar 24BOPackington PR
241BATES Johnotp, xHALL Sarahotp, x1765Sep 1LPackington PR
245BOWLER Wmotp, xGOODMAN Maryotp1766Jul 1BPackington PR
248WARD JnootpWILKINS MaryAshby de la Zouch1767Dec 13BOPackington PR
246FOSTERD JnootpMEE SarahBreedon1767Mar 22BOPackington PR
247TOPLIS Jamesotp, xHUFFEN SarahAshby, x1767Oct 12BPackington PR
249STINSON SamlAshby de la ZouchTHOMPSON Annotp, x1768Dec 5BPackington PR
250CHISWELL RichardSwepstonFIELDING Elisabethotp, x1768Feb 14BPackington PR
256GENT ThomasotpHURST SarahSnibston tp, x1768Jan 31LPackington PR
253OACKEY HenryotpKYDEAR Elizabethotp, x1768Jul 25BPackington PR
257BLASTOCK WmotpNEWBOLD Maryotp1768Jul 26BPackington PR
255GADSBY RichardAtherstonKYDEAR Maryotp1768May 22BPackington PR
258HADDON Robertotp, xKYDEAR Sarahotp, x1768May 22BPackington PR
251KIRBY Wmotp, xREDFERN Maryotp, x1768May 23BPackington PR
252MIDDLETON JohnotpWARD Aliceotp, x1768May 30LPackington PR
254MORLEY Robertotp, xSTOKES Marthaotp, x1768Nov 14BPackington PR
259HEATHCOTE ThosotpGOODMAN Elizabethotp, x1769Mar 27BPackington PR
260SUTTON ThosWilleslyGOODMAN Annotp, x1770Dec 11LPackington PR
262MORREL JnootpSTORER Annwidow, otp1770Dec 2BOPackington PR2 banns only
263SHERWIN JosephThorntonHILL Rebeccaotp, x1770Dec 27BPackington PR
261ENSOR JnoSheepshead, signs EnzorNEWBOLD Annotp, x1770Oct 1BPackington PR
264BOTTOM HenryotpWARD Elizabethotp, x1771Jan 22BPackington PR
266THOMPSON RichardotpSALISBURY Elizabethotp, x1771Nov 14BPackington PR
267HEATH Jnootp, xOACKEY Annotp, x1771Sep 16BPackington PR
265SAVIDGE JohnSt Dunstan in the East, LondonSEALE Annotp1771Sep 27LPackington PR
268BOTT WmotpHEATHCOTE Elizabethwidow, otp, x1772Apr 27LPackington PR
270POTTER ThomasAshby de la ZouchHEATHCOTE Maryotp, x1772Dec 30LPackington PR
269NORTH Georgeotp, xWALLIS Maryotp, x1772Feb 9BPackington PR
271KIRBY Josephotp, xWENDRIGE Elizabethotp1772Jun 5LPackington PR
274BIRD WmotpHILL Annotp, x1773Aug 17BPackington PR
273GRUNDY GeorgeotpVERNAM Annotp, x1773Jul 21BPackington PR
272GEBBET Jnootp, xNORTH Elizabethotp, x1773Nov 1BPackington PR
275HOOD JnootpPRESBURY Isabellaotp1773Oct 28LPackington PR
277RAMSAL JohnStretton, xGRAY Annotp, x1774Aug 15BPackington PR
280HILL ThomasWalton on Trent DbyGOODMAN Elisabethotp, x1774Dec 24LPackington PR
276BRELY ThosTicknalNICKALS Sarahotp1774Jan 30BOPackington PR
279SHARPE JohnotpTILLEY SarahNetherseal, x1774Nov 7BPackington PR
278HOULT WilliamotpGRUNDY MaryNormanton, x1774Oct 17BPackington PR
281NEWBOLD RichardotpTHOMPSON MarySwepston1775Jul 2BOPackington PR
282HARRIS WilliamotpWRIGHT Hannahotp1776Dec 1LPackington PR
283MADDEX IshmaelAsley WarWETTON Elisabethotp, x1776May 13LPackington PR
284OAKEY WilliamBardon ParkOAKEY Elisabethotp, x1777May 19BPackington PR
286WHETTON FrancisWillesley Dby, xSALISBURY Hannahotp, x1778Apr 26LPackington PR
285KIRK JohnotpKIDYAR Annotp, signs Kiddear1778Jul 7BPackington PR
287COLTMAN Samuelotp, xWAIN Susannaotp, x1778Jun 22BPackington PR
288WOOD Thomasotp, xWALLIS Annotp, x1778Nov 15BPackington PR
289KIRBY JamesMeasham, xGOTCHER Letitiaotp, x1778Sep 29BPackington PR
292BANNISTER Theophilusotp, xWAIN Annotp, x1779Mar 14BPackington PR
290NEWBOLD JamesotpPICKERING Maryotp, x1779Oct 1BPackington PR
291HALLAM WilliamotpBLASTOCK Elisabethotp, x1779Sep 27BPackington PR
293STUBENS Francisotp, xHANBURY Elizabethotp, x1780Dec 20BPackington PR
294NEWBOLD JamesotpDARLING ElisabethRavenstone1780Jan 23LPackington PR
296USHERWOOD Georgeotp, xHOOD Elizabethotp, x1780Jan 6BPackington PR
295SMITH JohnotpHEATHCOATE Elisabethotp1780Jan 9LPackington PR
300PRESBYRY Henryotp, signs PresburyHARRISON Annotp1781Apr 17LPackington PR
298MORLY Johnotp, xHALL Maryotp, x1781Jan 1BPackington PR
301MIDDLETON JohnotpBLACK Annotp, x1781Mar 4BPackington PR
302GRIFFIN JohnWhitwickBLASTOCK Maryotp1781Nov 14BPackington PR
299BLOWER Nathanielotp, xROBINSON Elisabethotp, x1781Nov 25BPackington PR
297THORMAN JohnAtherstone p Mancester War, xPICKERING Maryotp, x1781Nov 7LPackington PR
303PRICE JohnHether, xSMITH ElisabethSnibston tp, x1781Oct 14BPackington PR
304HODGSON JohnotpMARTIN MaryAshby de la Zouch1782Jul 22LPackington PR
305STORER ThomasotpNEWBOLD Annotp1782Mar 25LPackington PR
306EDWARDS JohnAshby de la ZouchWARD Elizabethotp1783Dec 25BPackington PR
307KING Thomasb, otp, xGRANGER Margarets, otp, x1783Nov 9BPackington PR
310PEGG JohnStapleton p Barwell LeiHALL Elizabethotp, x1784Aug 7BPackington PR
309GARNER ThomasotpHEATHCOAT Hannahotp1784May 1LPackington PR
308BLACKSHAW Edwardb, Repton Dby 21+, xWHITE Catherines, otp, x, 21+1784Nov 29LPackington PR
315PACKWOOD JohnHusbands Bosworth Lei, widrORTON Elizabeths, of Snibston, marr at Snibston1785Aug 12LPackington PR
316BLASTOCK Robertb, otpKIRBY Janeotp1785Aug 24BPackington PR
312PEARSON IsaacotpHARDINGTON AnnWhitwick, x1785Jan 27BPackington PR
314BROWN TimothySwepstoneHILL Janeotp1785Jul 13BPackington PR
311BOOTH WilliamRavenstone Co's Lei & Dby, bBORDLE AnnSnibston tp, x, Bordol in Banns1785Nov 1BPackington PR
313PERCIVAL JobSnibston tp, bCROXAL Elizabethotp, s, x1785Oct 2BPackington PR
320RAVIL ThomasIbstock, signs RevilROBINSON Marthaotp, x1786May 15BPackington PR
321KIRBY Sampsonb, otpGARNER Elizabeths, otp1786May 6LPackington PR
317NEWBOLD Jameswidr, otpHEAFIELD Marys, otp, x1786Nov 21BPackington PR
319ANDREWS WilliamotpOAKEY ElizabethWillesley Dby1786Oct 18LPackington PR
318STATHAM JohnNormington, xTAYLOR Aliceotp, x1786Sep 26BPackington PR
322WARD JohnIbstockROBINSON Maryotp, x1787May 15BPackington PR
326BROWN Thomasotp, xRICE Elizabethotp, x1788Apr 20BPackington PR
325WETTON Johnotp, xRICE Maryotp, x1788Dec 23BPackington PR
327PRICE Richardotp, xPEARSON Annotp, x1788Feb 23BPackington PR
328JONES JohnotpHEATHCOAT Elizabethotp1788Jul 30LPackington PR
324WALLIS Johnotp, xHILL Marthaotp, x1788Oct 23BPackington PR
323BRAITHWAIT FrancisBarbourne co Worcs, gentBLASTOCK Anns, otp1788Sep 22LPackington PR
332WRIGHT Richard---, otp in bannsMEE Mary---, otp in banns1789Apr 4BPackington PR
330BREWIN Josephotp, x as BrewingSHEPHERD Sarahotp, x1789Dec 13BPackington PR
333SMITH Thomasotp, xSMITH Annotp, x1789Dec 28BPackington PR
331HILL Thomasjunr, weaver, otp LeicsCROSLEY Annotp Dby, x1789Dec 7BPackington PR
329WALKER ThomasotpWRIGHT Sarahotp, x1789Oct 19BPackington PR
338SPENCER WilliamLullington, xHODGES Maryotp, x1790Apr 25BPackington PR
337VARNHAM WilliamotpBUCK Marthaotp, x1790Aug 28BPackington PR
335HATCHETT Johnliberty of Alton Grange p Ashby de la ZouchGARNER Marys, otp1790Feb 25LPackington PR
334PEARSON JohnotpBLACK Catherineotp, x1790Jan 5BPackington PR
336SMITH GeorgeotpSTANLEY Elizabethotp, x1790Oct 23BPackington PR
342GARNER ThomasotpSALTE MarySt Mary Leicester1791Dec 10LPackington PR
340ROWLAND Josephotp, xBOWLER ElizabethMeasham, x1791Jan 3BPackington PR
341SHERWIN SamuelotpSHARP Maryotp, x1791Jul 2BPackington PR
339BARTHAM WilliamSt Mary NottinghamSTORER Annotp, x1791Mar 15LPackington PR
343ELTON WilliamAustrey WarGARNER Ruthotp1791Mar 29LPackington PR
348FARMER Johnotp, xPRESTELL Sarahotp, x1792Apr 23BPackington PR
346ASHAR Josephotp, xGRANGER AnnMeasham1792Apr 8BPackington PR
347HEAFIELD JosephotpGARNER Maryotp1792Aug 14LPackington PR
349GRANGER ThomasotpHALL Maryotp1792Feb 16BPackington PR
344LOWE GeorgeShakerson, xSTORER Laetitiaotp, x1792Oct 1BPackington PR
345MEASURE Richardotp, xHICKEN Annotp1792Oct 22BPackington PR
351BACON WilliamArvely co SalopORTON Maryliberty of Snibston tp, marr at Snibston1793Jul 14LPackington PR
350HATTON JamesotpCROSLEY Elizabethotp, x1793Oct 28BPackington PR
352HILL ThomasotpNORWOOD JaneHartshorne, x1794Feb 25LPackington PR
353LEESON WilliamotpKENDRICK Phebyotp1795Sep 29BPackington PR
355HOOD john---POTTER Mary---1796Apr 28LPackington PR
356CLARKE Joseph---HOOD Isabella---1796Apr 6LPackington PR
357STANFORD Johnotp, xWEDGE Maryotp, x1796Dec 11BPackington PR
359WARTON Johnotp, xWHITE Marthaotp, x1796Feb 26BPackington PR
354WATTS DavidMeasham DbyTAFT Marthaotp, x1796May 23LPackington PR
358HEAFIELD WilliamNormanton p NailstonHEWITT Marthaotp1796Nov 15LPackington PR
360THOMPSON Georgeotp, xBENTLEY Sarahotp1796Oct 26LPackington PR
363THORNLEY Williamotp, xSPRINGTHORP Hannahotp, x1797Jan 17BPackington PR
362BIRKINS JamesotpHILL Janeotp, x1797Jul 15BPackington PR
361HILL Johnotp, xBRADOCK MaryNormington, x1797Oct 1BPackington PR
365DOORE Williamotp, xTHOMPSON Elizabethotp, x1798Nov 12BPackington PR
366GARNER WilliamotpOLDERSHAW SarahWillesley Dby1798Nov 3LPackington PR
367HORSEBROOK JamesMeasham Dby, xBOTT Aliceotp1798Oct 29LPackington PR
364WRIGHT Jamesotp, xHALL Elizabethotp1798Oct 8BPackington PR
369RILEY RobertotpELICOCK Annotp, signs Ellicock1799Apr 15BPackington PR
372NICHOLS ThomasotpWOOD Elizabethotp, x1799Jun 15BPackington PR
371HOLT ThomasShakerston, xDAWKINS Annotp, x1799Jun 3BPackington PR
368HORSIBROOK JosephMeasham, xADDCOCK Rebeccaotp, x1799Mar 31BPackington PR
370LITHERLAND EdwardotpBAXTER ElizabethSwepstone1799May 25BPackington PR
373SHARPE WilliamColeortonSALISBURY MarthaSnibston tp, marr at Snibston1800Feb 11LPackington PR
376TIMMS SamuelAshby de la ZouchCLARKE Sarahotp1800Jun 16LPackington PR
377POTTER JohnotpGARNER Sarahotp1800Jun 22LPackington PR
375WETTON JohnotpHILL Annotp, x1800Oct 18BPackington PR
378ELLIES JohnotpNORTH Hannahotp, x1800Oct 18BPackington PR
374BAKER CharlesMeashamRILEY Elizabethotp, x1800Sep 29BPackington PR
379WARD ThomasRavenstoneHATCHETT MarthaSnibston tp, marr at Snibston1801Dec 5LPackington PR
380PARKER ThomasotpNORTH Annotp1801Oct 18BPackington PR
384NORTH GeorgeotpDANTON Maryotp, x1802Apr 10BPackington PR
382BOWLEY JosephotpHOOD Susannaotp, x1802Apr 19BPackington PR
386SEVERNS WilliamMeasham DbyHEWARD Hannahotp1802Jan 30BPackington PR
381BROWN Johnotp, xSHARP Maryotp1802Jul 11BPackington PR
385CHAPMAN RobertotpWETTON Elizabethotp, x1802Jun 11BPackington PR
383PERCIVAL JobotpPEARSON Maryotp, x1802Nov 28BPackington PR
387WITHNALL Johnotp, xTOPPLISS Maryotp1803Feb 13BPackington PR
388DORKINS RichardMeashamJOHNSON Sarahotp, x as Johnston1804Apr 8BPackington PR
395ORME Thomasb, Ashby de la Zouch, LeiANDREWS Dorothy Barwells, minor, otp, consent of her parents1804Feb 4BPackington PR
391BAILEY Johnb, Ashby de la ZouchBAILEY Elizabeths, otp1804Jul 2BPackington PR
390BAKER RichardSnibston tp, bORTON Rebeccaof same, marr at Snibston1804Jun 5LPackington PR
389HART JohnMeasham Dby, bTHOMPSON Anns, otp1804May 31LPackington PR
393OAKEY Thomaswidr, otpTIMMS Annes, minor, otp, consent of father1804Nov 28LPackington PR
394WAIN JamesShackerstone Lei, bSMITH Elisabethotp, x1804Oct 8BPackington PR
392GRUNDY Richardb, otpBOTTOM Anns, otp1804Sep 4BPackington PR
396CLAMP Georgeb, otp, xMORLEY Annes, otp, x1805Aug 12BPackington PR
397WHETTON Thomasb, otpTIMNS Maryminor, otp, consent of parents1805Nov 10BPackington PR
398LUDLOW Johnb, otpGRUNDY Anns, otp1806Dec 24BPackington PR
399WATTS Davidb, otpWALKER Hannahs, otp, x1806Dec 29BPackington PR
402HILL Samuelwidr, otp, xBLASTOCK Marys, otp, x1806Feb 2LPackington PR
400FORD JohnRavenstone lei, bHITCHINS Marthaotp, x1806Feb 3LPackington PR
403WALL Johnb, otpPEDLEY Phoebes, otp1806Feb 9LPackington PR
401CHADWICK Richardb, Ashby de la ZouchRADFORD Elizabeths, otp, x1806Jun 16BPackington PR
405HEATHCOTE Thomasb, otpHILL Annwid, otp, x1807Feb 22BPackington PR
407GARNER Nathanielb, otpGARNER Elizabeths, otp1807Feb 29LPackington PR
404BLASTOCK Thomaswidr, otp, xPAIR Anns, otp, x1807Jun 1BPackington PR
406BARFIELD Johnb, otp, xCHAMBERLINE Marys, otp, x1807Oct 10BPackington PR
409SMEES Thomasb, Ashby de la Zouch, xHILL Hannahotp, x1808Apr 4BPackington PR
413WILTON Williamwidr, otp, xWHETTON Hannahwid, otp, x1808Apr 5BPackington PR
408HILL Thomaswidr, otpWALL Judiths, otp, x1808Oct 11LPackington PR
410PRICE Johnb, otp, xLEESON Sarahs, otp, x, minor, consent of father1808Oct 18LPackington PR
411SMITH Samuelb, otpBRADLEY Elizabeths, otp, x1808Oct 23BPackington PR
412MEASURES Williamwidr, otp, xSHERWIN Marywid, otp, x1808Sep 19BPackington PR
414LEEK Robertb, otpKING Elizabeths, otp x1809Apr 2BPackington PR
416BOSS WilliamSt Martin Birmingham War, bSALISBURY Alices, otp, x1809Dec 26BPackington PR
415HEAP Williamchapelry of Worthington Lei, bWALKER Susannaotp, x1809May 29LPackington PR
417HARLEY JohnWillesley Dby, b, xMASON Elizabeths, otp, x1809Sep 23LPackington PR
421COOPER Charlesb, minor, otpLITHERLAND Elizabeths, minor, otp, consent of their parents1810Apr 15BPackington PR
419BAKER WilliamMr, of Snibston tp, bWHEAT SarahMiss, of same, s, marr at Snibston1810Dec 24LPackington PR
418SMITH Samuelb, otp, xKINSLEY Dorothys, otp, x1810Nov 4BPackington PR
420SEVRE Roche Hyacinthe Louis Pierre Fourier deFrench Prisoner of War, Packington, bSMITH Mary ElizabethSheepshead Lei1810Nov 7LPackington PR
425BAYLEY Williamb, minor, Ibstock, xHEYWOOD Anns, otp, minor, x, consent of their parents1811Aug 27LPackington PR
422BROOKHOUSE FrancisRothley Lei, b, x, minor, consent of father William BrookhousePERCIVAL Marys, otp, x1811Mar 13LPackington PR
424WHITE Josephb, otp, xWETTON Elizabeths, otp, x1811Oct 13BPackington PR
423RICE Johnwidr, otp, xANDREWS Elizabethwid, otp1811Oct 28LPackington PR
430WAKEFIELD Josephb, minor, otp, x, consent of mother only surviving parentKERK Marys, Ashby de la Zouch, x1812Apr 10BPackington PR
428TIMMS Williamb, otp, xHOLLINGSWORTH Hannahs, otp, x1812Apr 19BPackington PR
429ORGALL Josephotp, xWHETTON Sarahs, otp, x, minor, consent of parents1812Apr 19BPackington PR
427GARNER Williamwidr, otpUPTON Anns, Willesley Dby1812Feb 15LPackington PR
426BIRD Richardb, otpBLASTOCK Marys, otp1812May 16BPackington PR
431RICE Leonardb, gent, Ashby de la Zouch LeiHEXTALL Anns, Snibston tp, minor, consent of mother1813Feb 24LPackington PRmarr at Snibston
432SMITH Jeremiahb, otp, signs SmitHILL Marys, otp, x1813Oct 3BPackington PR
437MILES Edwdotp, xSHAW Francesotp, x1814Aug 8BPackington PR
435SEVERN Lukeb, 21, Measham, signs as junrPOTTER Sarahs, otp, 211814Mar 14LPackington PR
433BLASTOCK JohnotpCHAMBERLAIN MarySwepston Lei1814Mar 28BPackington PR?1815 or out of order
436MEASURES Williamb, otp, xMANSFIELD Elizabeths, otp, x1814Mar 30BPackington PR
434BLASTOCK RobertotpELTON Maryotp1814Nov 22BPackington PR
438COOPER Samuelotp, 21, b, stonemasonHILL Marys, otp, 211815Aug 19LPackington PR
441PEARSON Williamb, otpBIRKINS Sarahotp1815Dec 25BPackington PR
440CHAPMAN Robertwidr, MeashamKIRBY Catharinewid, otp, x1815Jul 29BPackington PR
442WALKER Williamb, Snibston tpHARRISON Sarahs, of same, marr at Snibston1815Oct 16LPackington PR
439LEEDHAM WilliamNewington Surrey, bSMITH Hannahs, otp1815Sep 19LPackington PR
443HARRIS Samuel Smithb, MeashamHUTCHINSON Marys, otp1816Jan 28LPackington PR
444FLETCHER JamesWorthington, xSTRETTON Elizabethotp, x1816Jun 16BPackington PR
446WHYMAN Josephb, Belton, xLEESON Phoebes, otp, x1817Dec 15BPackington PR
448CHAPMAN Jamesfarrier, otpGRANGER Anneotp1817Feb 19BPackington PR
447LABAND WilliamotpGARNER Maryotp1817Jun 16LPackington PR
445WHITEHURST ThomasAppleby, farmerGARNER Rachels, otp1817Jun 26LPackington PR
450BODILL JohnotpPRICE SarahChurch Gresley1817Nov 16BPackington PR
449ASHER Johnb, otpSTORER Susans, otp1817Sep 1BPackington PR
454GOODWIN Thomasotp, xWILDMAN Susannahotp, x1818Apr 17LPackington PR
452SIMMS John24, Heather Lei, xWHITE Hannah21, otp, x1818Dec 17LPackington PR
453GARNER FrancisotpELTON Elizabethotp1818Jan 28BPackington PR
451WOODWARD JamesAshby de la ZouchGOODMAN Patienceotp1818Jul 27BPackington PR[year is 'sic', in with 1819]
456STURTIN JohnTwycrossGOODMAN Maryotp1819Aug 12BPackington PR
455SHAKESPEAR JohnotpHOOD Elizabethotp1819Dec 10BPackington PR
457SALISBURY RichardotpCASTLE HannahChurch Gresley, x1821Aug 20BPackington PR
458ATWOOD Johnotp, xGRANGER Maryotp1821Mar 31BPackington PR
460RILEY Richardotp, xHILL Sarahotp, x1822Feb 4BPackington PR
459MORLEY JohnotpSMITH Sarahotp, x1822Jan 28BPackington PR
463DEXTER JohnSt Mary NottinghamHILL Elizabethotp, x1823Jul 11BPackington PR
464POXON Francisotp, xPICKERING Elizabethotp, x1823Jul 20BPackington PR
467COOPER Williamotp, xBROOKS Elizabethotp, x1823Jun 10BPackington PRconsent of parents
462TETLEY GeorgeotpHITCHENS Maryotp, x1823Jun 8BPackington PR
461BAKER CharlesotpRILEY Sophia Craftotp1823Mar 31BPackington PR
466CHATWIN EdwardSt Margaret LeicesterNEWBOLD Elizabethotp1823May 11BPackington PR
465STRETTON Jamesotp, xJOHNSON MaryMeasham Dby1823Nov 4BPackington PR
468WYATT Johnb, otpNIXON Janes, otp1823Sep 20BPackington PR
472ANDREWS Johnotp, xWARD Elizabethotp, x1824Feb 7BPackington PR
473CUTHBERT JohnOdstoneHEALEY Matildaotp1824May 16BPackington PR
474HACKETT RichardBarlastonePRICE Marychapelry of Snibston tp1824May 24BPackington PR
471WICKSON JohnotpSHARPE Sarahotp, x1824Nov 13BPackington PR
470PRICE SamuelotpTIMMS Matildaotp1824Nov 2BPackington PR
469MORLEY WilliamotpKENT Elizabethotp, x1824Oct 13BPackington PR
480GARNER Henry SalteotpOAKEY Annotp1825Dec 26LPackington PR
477FROST JosephSnibston tpTHIRLBY MarthaSnibston tp, marr at Snibston1825Dec 28LPackington PR
475KERBY JamesMeasham, xWALTON Maryotp, x1825Jul 11BPackington PR
479SHARMAN WilliamLoughboroughANDREWS Janeotp1825Jun 26BPackington PR
478EDWARDS DanielotpCOLES Francesotp1825May 15BPackington PR
476HAYLES JosephSnibston tpHOLLOWAY MarySnibston tp, marr at Snibston1825Sep 5BPackington PR
482WALTON Thomasotp, xWHETTON Maryotp, x1826Aug 6BPackington PR
481ISON GeorgeMeasham Dby, xLITHERLAND Maryotp, x1826May 8LPackington PR
483SHAKESPEAR JohnotpGRUNDY Elizabethotp1826Sep 10BPackington PR
487POXEN Thomasotp, xDENNIS Annotp, x1827Dec 23BPackington PR
486CHOYCE GeorgeSwepstoneGARNER Catherineotp1827Dec 4LPackington PR
488FOWKES WilliamSheepshead LeiBRAMLEY Maryotp1827Feb 18LPackington PR
485WALKER JosephotpPARR Maryotp1827Nov 13BPackington PR
489WORT? GeorgeSt Martin Birmingham, ?NortHILL Annotp1827Oct 13BPackington PR
484SALISBURY JohnotpSTEEL Elizabethotp, x1827Oct 15BPackington PR
490SUTTON JohnotpHOOD Sarahotp1827Oct 28BPackington PR
493HARRIMAN ThomasSnibston tpTURNER AnnSnibston tp1828Apr 23LPackington PR
491CHISWELL ThomasSnibston tpPRICE CatharineSnibston tp, marr at Snibston1828Dec 31BPackington PR
492WARD JohnSheepshead Lei, xCHAPMAN Sarahotp, x1828Jan 25BPackington PR
494PICKERING Jamesotp, xHALL Ruthotp, x1828Oct 15BPackington PR
496OTTEY JohnHugglescote Lei, xSALISBURY Aliceotp, x1829Dec 14BPackington PR
497WALL JohnotpGARNER Marthaotp1829Feb 23BPackington PR
499SEAL Richardb, otp, xNEWTON Mariawid, otp, x1829Jun 1BPackington PR
498STORER ThomasotpALLEN Elizabethotp1829Mar 12LPackington PR
495GARNER GeorgeotpHOOD Ellenotp1829Nov 24BPackington PR
500HILL Thomasotp, xHEYWOOD Priscillas, otp, x1830Jan 31BPackington PR
502SMALLEY JosiahotpDAWKINS Maryotp, x1830Jul 16BPackington PR
501PICKERING Williamotp, xMEASURES Maryotp1830May 24BPackington PR
504GOODWIN WilliamSmisby DbyLITHERLAND Maryotp1831Oct 7BPackington PR
503PICKERING Johnotp, xMIDDLETON Maryotp, x1831Sep 30BPackington PR
507PEARCE SamuelStapenhill Dby, xPARKER Annotp, x1833Dec 1BPackington PR
508POTTER JohnotpOAKEY Maryotp1833Dec 3LPackington PR
506STONE? GeorgeBreedon, ?StoveSMITH Elizabethotp, x1833Jan 22BPackington PR
505KNIGHT HenrySwannington, xDAWKINS Elizabethotp1833Nov 26BPackington PR
510SMITH JosephotpCHAPMAN Maryotp1834Apr 8BPackington PR
512CHAPMAN Thomasotp, xWRIGHT Elizabethotp, x1834Dec 9LPackington PR
509SANDERSON WilliamSnibston tpREAD AmySnibston tp1834Feb 1BPackington PR
511TREMELLING NicholasSnibston tpORIDGE RebeccaSnibston tp, x, marr at Snibston1834Jun 8BPackington PR
513STORER WilliamotpOAKEY Elizabethotp1835Dec 29LPackington PR
514PRICE Josephotp, xWALL Susannaotp1835Dec 31LPackington PR
515FOSTER JamesSnibston tp, xLUKE SarahSnibston tp, x, marr at Snibston1835Feb 17LPackington PR
517SMITH Williamb, otpTUNNICLIFF Elizabeths, otp1835Jul 28LPackington PR
516COOK GeorgeotpDENNIS Marthaotp, x, marr at Snibston1835May 2BPackington PR
518POTTER JohnWhitwickGARNER Maryotp1835Sep 5LPackington PR
519GADSBY RobertShenton leiHOOD Maryotp1836Dec 21LPackington PR
521SEVERN LukeotpHOLLIER ElizabethAshby1836Jan 14BOPackington PR
520DALLMAN William KnowlesBreedon LeiYATES Anneotp, x1836Jan 23BPackington PR
522HOOK WilliamotpBROOKES HannahMeasham1836Oct 7BOPackington PR
523GREEN WilliamotpMELLARD SarahAshby de la Zouch1836Oct 9BOPackington PR
524STOVE? GeorgeBreedon, ?StoneSMITH Elizabethotp, x1837Jan 22BPackington PR