Gravestone Memorials

Our Packington village churchyards have hundreds of memorial headstones with family research information. 

  • former Baptist Church (B) - demolished 1920, a few gravestones remain, now a private garden off Mill Street
  • Holy Rood Church - still active in 2023 - has 5 historic burial areas around the building and a New Burial Ground, still receiving graves, is adjacent across the Vicarage Lane:

  • North West (NW) "New" Burial Ground in use since 1975.
  • Church yard South (S) In use mainly during late 19th and 20th centuries
  • Church yard West (W) - oldest dated 1723
  • Church yard North (N)
  • Church yard East (E)
  • Church yard Central (C)
  • A small Garden of Remembrance (GoR)

Use the Search box (below, right) to find names, dates, inscriptions, or plot numbers. Scroll across to see all information columns. Most plot numbers are linked to headstone photographs - tap or click for the image, opens in a new tab or window.  To finish, close the new tab or window to return to this Search.

Location imagetypeforenamenicknamemaiden namesurnamedeathagebirthnotes
B-1Tap or click for ImageaJosephGoadby04/08/184167Beneath this tomb are deposited the earthly remains of The Rev. Joseph Goadby, forty-three years the minister and pastor of this church through the blessing of god.
C-82Tap or click for ImageaWilliamNewbold19/01/1743241719Here lieth interred the body of William Newbold, son of the late James and Ann Newbold who departed this life January the 19th 1743 in the 24th year of his age. The Blast which nipt my youth will conquer thee; it strikes the Bud, the Blossom, and the Tree. Since Life is short and death is always nigh, on many years to come let none rely. The present time learn wisely to employ that thou mayst gain eternal Life and Joy.
C73iTap or click for ImageaJamesNewbold23/02/1783681715Here lieth interred the Remains of James Newbold. He departed this life the 23rd day of February 1783 Age 68
C-73iiTap or click for ImagewMaryNewbold16/08/1779561723Here lieth interred the remains of Mary, Wife of James NEWBOLD who departed this life the 16th day of August 1779 Aged 56. Near this place also lieth interred the Remains of Seven of their children.
E-00Tap or click for ImageaEllenGermanPratt24/04/193791In extra dedicated plot purchased from School land adjacent to Chyard E but originally fenced off from it, as Mrs PRATT had become RC. Now subsumed (2023) into E chyard.
E-01iTap or click for ImageaJohnPrice29/04/185469In affectionate remembrance of John Price who died April 29th 1854 aged 69 years
E-01iiTap or click for ImagewSarahPrice09/05/186577Also of Sarah his wife who died May 9th 1865 aged 77 years Blessed are the dead who ??? in the Lord
E-02Tap or click for ImageMichaelHutchinson173065Tomb is a listed building - Latin inscription recorded by 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' by John Nichols Volume III part II, published in 1804 "M. S. Michaelis Hutchinson STP Lichfieldiensis canonici, necnon ecclesiae parochialis de Cheadle, in agro Staffordiensi, rectoris diguiffimi; patriae legum & officiorum omnium observantissimi; Templi Dei Opt. Max. apud Derbienses (Ominibus Sanctis dicati) labantis (pofitis novis & amplioribus fundamentis) Instauratoris munificentissimi; obstantibus amicis, inimicis ingratis, ingravate mo;ientis. Hun taccant homines, heac marmora, nulla notandum saecula praetereant opus hoc, ni sata superfinnt. Obiit anno aerat Christianae 1730, aetatis fuae 65"
G-01iTap or click for ImageaStanleighEdwardHazell2021851935
G-01iiTap or click for ImagewAnniceMaryHazell2020821938
G-02Tap or click for ImageaEdithMarySpare12/12/2007931914
G-03Tap or click for ImageaJoeRaymondRayIllingworth08/12/202085Loved & Missed
G-04Tap or click for ImageaTrishAudreySwindells20/08/20177001/03/1947Wife, Mum and Granny
G-05Tap or click for ImageaJohnAlanHughes24/03/2014821931
G-06Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeSherwin05/06/200974In loving memory of George Sherwin Died 5th June 2009 Aged 74 years
G-07Tap or click for ImageaJessieElizabethGrangerSherwin26/09/202092In loving memory of Jessie Sherwin (n‚e Granger) Died 26th Sept 2020 Aged 92 years
G-08Tap or click for ImageaEleanorSuzanneClarkson22/06/201251
G-09Tap or click for ImageaKarenSmithard27/12/200744
G-10Tap or click for ImageaDavidAlanHewes09/11/20168319/10/1933
G-11Tap or click for ImageaRichardSmithard18/02/200777
G-12Tap or click for ImageaHaroldRudkin11/03/201690Dearly Loved Husband Dad & Grandpa
G-13Tap or click for ImageaMerleSarahCourtenay21/11/2008831925
G-14Tap or click for ImageaJohnEdwardJackSmith06/06/2009801928
G-15iTap or click for ImageaLilianElsieHeafield03/03/1997811915
G-15iiTap or click for ImagehThomasGilbertHeafield29/03/1996791917Re-united
G-16iTap or click for ImageaRedmondJosephMoylan08/09/199879
G-16iiTap or click for ImagewJoyceMoylan02/05/198861
G-17iTap or click for ImageaRichardWilliamDickDickens14/08/198968
G-17iiTap or click for ImagewLilianAdaLilDickens01/03/200483
G-18Tap or click for ImageaRayConnelly01/02/20046608/12/1937
G-19Tap or click for ImageaEvelynEveBrocklehurst18/12/2015921923
G-20Tap or click for ImageaJeanMarySimkins31/03/2015901924
G-21Tap or click for ImageaJillSimkins1996361960
G-22Tap or click for ImageaDorisCanham01/02/19999214/02/1906
G-23Tap or click for ImageaEnidSumnall12/02/2000821917
G-24iTap or click for ImageaRobertLeonard LoaderLenFillary28/12/199878
G-24iiTap or click for ImagewElsieLiliamFillary08/01/199918
G-25iTap or click for ImageaThomasEdgarBuck16/06/19967008/10/1925In loving Memory
G-25iiTap or click for ImagewEllizabethBuck 08/06/20158807/05/1927
G-26Tap or click for ImageaJohnAlanAlanBrooks13/12/2010801930
G-27Tap or click for ImagewMargaretEdithPeggyBrooks01/10/1997641933
G-28Tap or click for ImageaAliceTimms19/09/2005911914
G-29Tap or click for ImageaRonPeach29/07/200774
G-30iTap or click for ImageaWilliamAlbertBatten26/09/20118629/10/1924
G-30iiTap or click for ImagewJeanBatten03/12/20158411/09/1926
G-31iTap or click for ImageaDerekHaywood20061934
G-31iiTap or click for ImagewJeanMaryHaywood2022821939
N-01iTap or click for ImageaWilliamGerman09/09/188247In loving memory of William German Eldest son of George and Catherine German who died at Measham Lodge Sept 9th 1882 Aged 47 years "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest"Stanford Ashby
N-01iiTap or click for ImagewMaryAnnGerman10/04/191475Also of Mary Ann German, wife of the above who died April 10th 1914 Aged 75 years "Then are they glad because they are at rest"
N-02iTap or click for ImageaMabelAnnettaGerman31/07/190121In loving memory of Mabel Annetta Wife of John Johnson German Who died at Normanton Lodge July 31st 1901 Aged 21 "Love is of God and every one that loveth is born of God,and knoweth God 1 John iv. 7. "
N-02iiTap or click for ImagehJohnJohnsonGerman25/07/195679Also of John Johnson German died July 25th 1956 Aged 79
N-03Tap or click for ImageaWG1882Small headstone, W.G. 1882, adjacent to grave N-01 of William German age 47 d 1882 and likely same
N-04Tap or click for ImageaJohnJohnsonGerman-Small headstone, In Affectionate remembrance of John Johnson German Dearly loved father of Phyllis, Gwen and John "Life's work well done"
N-05iTap or click for ImageaMaryAnnOakey07/07/186153In Affectionate remembrance of Mary Ann, wife of William Oakey, Who died July 7th 1861, Aged 53 years. "I know that my Redeemer liveth."
N-05iiTap or click for ImagehWilliamOakey16/04/187266Also to the memory of William Oakey, husband of the above who died April 10th 1872; Aged 66 years. "His end was peace"
N-06Tap or click for ImageIllegible
N-07Tap or click for ImageaThomasOakey4/10/18??38In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Oakey Late of Normanton le Heath who died at Ashby de la Zouch 4th............ 18? Delapidated; registry entry of a Thomas Oakey dated 4th October 18?? Age 38
N-08Tap or click for ImageaLouisaMaryOakey06/11/190172In loving memory of Louisa Mary Oakey widow of Thomas Oakey formerly of Normanton Who fell asleep at Ashby de la Zouch on November 6th 1901 Aged 72 years "He giveth His beloved sleep" Elliott
N-09Tap or click for ImageaWilliamOakey19/05/18529mTo the memory of William, son of Thomas and Ann Oakey Who died May 19th 1852 Aged 9 months. "But now he is dead wherefore should I fast?: can I bring him back again? I shall go to him but he shall not return to me". 2 Samuel xii 23 J Sutton Ashby
N-10Tap or click for ImageaSarahOakey10/08/186621In Affectionate remembrance of Sarah, daughter of Thomas & Ann Oakey, Who died August 10th, 1866 Aged 21 years. "Her end was peace" "Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy: at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore."
N-11Tap or click for ImageaAnnOakey22/12/188572In Loving remembrance of Ann, Wife of Thomas Oakey, Who died December 22nd, 1885, Aged 72 years "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith."
N-12Tap or click for ImageaThomasOakey12/06/189581In loving remembrance of Thomas Oakey Who died June 12th 1895, Aged 81 years. "Thanks be unto God, who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
N-13Tap or click for ImageaElizabethOakey07/07/191358In Affectionate remembrance of Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Ann Oakey, Who died July 7th, 1913, Aged 58 years. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee."
N-14iTap or click for ImageaAnnOakey07/01/191675In Affectionate remembrance of Ann, eldest daughter of Thomas & Ann Oakey, Who died January 7th, 1916, Aged 75 years "The eternal God is thy refuge"
N-14iiTap or click for ImagesSelinaOakey04/02/194293Also of Selina Oakey sister of the above, died Feb. 4th, 1942, Aged 93 years
N-15iTap or click for ImageaJamesOakey02/06/190877In loving memory of James Oakey Who died June 2nd, 1908 Aged 77 years.
N-15iiTap or click for ImagewAnneOakey14/03/190873Also of Anne, his wife, who died March 14th, 1908 Aged 73 years. " Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith."
N-16Tap or click for ImageaThomasOakey27/07/185479Sacred to the memory of Thomas Oakey Who departed this life July 27th 1854 in the 79th year of his age. Having been for 28 years one of the best of husbands and whom it pleased Divine Providence to spare to his family 20 years after the loss of his dear wife; they will long feel their bereavement of so excellent a Father, and humbly trust he is now numbered amongst the redeemed people of God.
N-17Tap or click for ImageaAnnOakey05/06/183447Sacred to the memory of Ann Oakey, wife of Thomas Oakey, Who departed this life
June 5th 1834: in the 47th year of her age. "Impartial fate to different ages sends His strict command to part the dearest friends. I've lost a loving wife it is well known. And from eleven children she is gone _ She's gone alas _ whose death we all lament. But death's a blessing to a life well spent." Cooper Ashby
N-18iTap or click for ImageaCharlesCowperPratt12/04/19116608/04/1845In loving memory of Charles Cowper Pratt born April 8, 1845 died at Nottingham April 12, 1911. " I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."
N-18iiTap or click for ImagewAlicePratt16/06/1927Also Alice Pratt wife of the above died June 16 1927
N-19Tap or click for ImageaCharlesPratt06/11/190889In loving memory of the Revd Charles Pratt for 37 years Vicar of this Parish who died at Ashby de la Zouch Nov, 6 1908 Aged 89 years. "Whose faith follow Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and for ever."
N-20Tap or click for ImageaCarolineJessePratt08/10/186346Caroline Jesse, the beloved wife of Charles Pratt, Junr, Vicar of this Parish died at Llandudno Oct. 8, 1863, Aged 46 years, "Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty; then shall behold the land that is very far off."
N-21Tap or click for ImageaHarrietGeorginaPratt09/07/1849In memory of Harriet Georgina infant daughter of the Rev Charles Pratt, Junr. and Caroline, his wife She died July 9th 1849 "Of such is the kingdom of God" Mark x, 14
N-22Tap or click for ImageaCarolineJessePratt06/09/1848In memory of Caroline Jesse infant daughter of the Rev Charles Pratt and Caroline Jesse, his wife She died September 6th 1848 "He shall gather the lambs with his arm and carry them in his bosom" Isiah xl:11
N-23Tap or click for ImageaRichardDonisthorpe09/12/179063In memory of Mr Richard Donisthorpe who departed this life December 9 1790 in the 63d year of his age
N-24iTap or click for ImageaRobertSwann06/02/188069In loving memory of Robert Swann who died February 6th 1880 Aged 69 Years
N-24iiTap or click for ImagewSarahSwann17/07/188475Also Sarah wife of the above who died July 17th 1884 Aged 75 Years "blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
N-25iTap or click for ImageaWilliamSwann09/09/191376In loving memory of William Swann who passed away September 9th, 1913 Aged 76 Years. "I know that my Redeemer liveth."
N-25iiTap or click for ImagewMarySwann24/06/192484Also of Mary, wife of the above who died June 24th, 1924 aged 84 years. "Peace, perfect peace."
N-26Tap or click for ImageaThomasOakey18/04/184618In memory of Thomas son of Thomas and Sarah Oakey who died April 18th 1846 in 18th Year
N-27aJohnChapman28/12/184160Sacred to the memory of John Chapman son of Chase & Mary Chapman who died Dec 28th YYYY Aged NN years Also ????
N-aAnnWalker31/01/18421small stone A. W. 1842 details from Burial Reg: daughter of William and Sarah
N-aJohnSmith12/07/181457of Donisthorpe
N-sJohnSmith29/05/184055his son
N-aSarahOakey23/05/185263Wife of Thomas Oakey
N-aAnnGrundy18/05/182551wife of Richard Grundy
N-aMarthaSutton02/09/184979wife of William Sutton
N-aElizabethJaneGerman7/7/19xxWife of John German, Huntingdon House, Ashby de la Zouch
N-aDavid Robert LeslieHall19981934Bench seat in North churchyard
New North-West Graveyard NW1st name2nd name(s)SurnameD/Y of DAgeD/Y of BOther
NW-a26iTap or click for ImageaFrankRogers02/03/197571
NW-a26iiTap or click for ImagewClariceLilianRogers15/10/197872
NW-a25Tap or click for ImageaReginaldOakeyGarner18/08/197565
NW-a24Tap or click for ImageaEmilyJaneBennion15/11/19753+9m
NW-a23Tap or click for ImageaBruceKavanagh07/12/197554Husband of Norah Kavanagh, Father of Hazel
NW-a22iTap or click for ImageaPhyllisElsieDeakin27/12/197560
NW-a22iiTap or click for ImagehFrederickWDeakin13/09/198671
NW-a21Tap or click for ImageaElsieMoore29/04/197678
NW-a20Tap or click for ImageaAnneNickless29/12/197669
NW-a19Tap or click for ImageaWilliamRhodes25/04/197875
NW-a18iTap or click for ImageaAliceTheodoraLunge07/06/197880
NW-a18iiTap or click for ImagewGeorgeHenryLunge04/02/198180
NW-a17Tap or click for ImageaIvyRhodes10/07/197868
NW-a16iTap or click for ImageaPercivalCyrilKnight18/11/197858
NW-a16iiTap or click for ImagewBarbaraJoanKnight05/09/200185Loving Wife, Mother, and Grandmother Always Remembered
NW-a15Tap or click for ImageaThomasineRhodes13/03/197984A Dear Sister and Aunt
NW-a14Tap or click for ImageaDavidJames Heafield17/06/197935Dear Husband, Father and Son
NW-a12Tap or click for ImageaThomasSnook13/06/198079in his 80th Year
NW-a11iTap or click for ImageaSidneyHarold KeithGurley24/01/198170
NW-a11iiTap or click for ImagewGwendolenMaryGurley09/12/199180
NW-a10iTap or click for ImageaJamesPlant24/02/198178
NW-a10iiTap or click for ImagewHildaMolliePlant12/06/200388
NW-a09Tap or click for ImageaBrianTaylorPoxon02/03/198142
NW-a08iTap or click for ImageaAlbertPalmer02/06/198164
NW-a08iiTap or click for ImagewSheilaPalmer27/12/201181
NW-a07iTap or click for ImageaDoreenBladon28/08/198154
NW-a07iiTap or click for ImagehRonaldBladon01/04/199470
NW-a06Tap or click for ImageaDanielMartinRutter22/12/1981016/09/1981In our arms a short while In our hearts forever
NW-a05Tap or click for ImageaCharlesWilkins08/01/198287
NW-a04iTap or click for ImageaEdnaMaryEnsor29/07/198276
NW-a04iiTap or click for ImagehGeorgeEnsor27/02/199791
NW-a03Tap or click for ImageaRolandOliverFill24/08/198220
NW-a02iTap or click for ImageaAustinFrankHaines05/01/198374in his 75th year
NW-a02iiTap or click for ImagewAnnieCatherineHaines21/01/198382in her 83rd year
NW-a01iTap or click for ImageaBarbaraParker24/06/198373
NW-a01iiTap or click for ImagehRichardWynyardParker15/04/200392
NW-b26iTap or click for ImageaErnestWilliamKiller19/08/198368
NW-b26iiTap or click for ImagewEdithSeatonKiller19921912
NW-b25Tap or click for ImageaAmyRhodes29/02/198483
NW-b24Tap or click for ImageaSamuelJosephFox01/03/198483
NW-b23Tap or click for ImageaSheilaPalmer27/12/201181
NW-b22iTap or click for ImageaReginaldHarryKnight18/08/198472
NW-b22iiTap or click for ImagewBarbaraJoanKnight05/09/200185
NW-b21iTap or click for ImageaFrankWilliamAyre19841904
NW-b21iiTap or click for ImagewKatherineMaryKnightAyre19911908N‚e Knight
NW-b20Tap or click for ImageaRaymondLeslieCoxon24/01/198640
NW-b19iTap or click for ImageaErnestWilliamHines15/09/198681
NW-b19iiTap or click for ImagewNorahHines04/05/199895
NW-b18Tap or click for ImageaPeggyBryan24/10/198674
NW-b14iTap or click for ImageaAdrianJohnSmith1/010198822
NW-b14iiTap or click for Imagef AlanJosephSmith14/08/201083
NW-b13Tap or click for ImageaLeaGolding22/03/198936Beloved Husband of Margaret
NW-b12Tap or click for ImageaMargaretAnnWhyte05/03/202085
NW-b11iTap or click for ImageaKennethBradford28/09/199064
NW-b11iiTap or click for ImagewJessieBradford28/09/201184
NW-b10Tap or click for ImageaCharlesFrederickSmedley09/03/199191
NW-b09iTap or click for ImageaArthurSaunt26/05/199174
NW-b09iiTap or click for ImagewJoanSaunt11/04/200888
NW-b08Tap or click for ImageaGeoffreyReginaldKnight01/10/199150
NW-b07iTap or click for ImageaRayAlfredParry13/07/199367
NW-b07iiTap or click for ImagewBarbaraMayParry13/08/199566
NW-b06Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeWilliamOrme19931913
NW-b04iTap or click for ImageaEthelDoraHenson04/01/199488
NW-b04iiTap or click for ImagehCharlesWalterHenson10/11/199496
NW-b03iTap or click for ImageaWilfredArthurSwift03/07/1994
NW-b03iiTap or click for ImagewJoanSwift13/06/2005
NW-b02Tap or click for ImageaKevinStatham16/07/199533
NW-b01Tap or click for ImageaJeffreyPage16/02/199624/06/1924
NW-c26iTap or click for ImageaPeggyBaxter17/04/199677
NW-c26iiTap or click for ImagehWilliamBaxter02/11/199780
NW-c25iTap or click for ImageaFredaRobey03/03/1997
NW-c25iiTap or click for ImagengJanetBartlett25/09/1997
NW-c25iiiTap or click for ImagengThomasRobey1/012/2003
NW-c24iTap or click for ImageaLaviniaLouch04/05/199784
NW-c24iiTap or click for ImagehFrederickWilliamLouch10/12/199885
NW-c23iTap or click for ImageaTomFreemanWhyte21/09/1997
NW-c23iiTap or click for ImagewJuliaAnneWhyte24/04/2015
NW-c22iTap or click for ImageaDorisChristian25/12/199776
NW-c22iiTap or click for ImagehWalterChristian30/08/200182
NW-c21iTap or click for ImageaGeorgeWilliamChapman27/04/199808/10/1920
NW-c21iiTap or click for ImagewBerylAileenChapman24/08/200909/04/1922N‚e Sharpe
NW-c20Tap or click for ImageaPhyllisHelenDodd06/01/1999Daughter of the late Alice & Samuel Henson
NW-c19iTap or click for ImageaDawnBrown19/11/199968
NW-c19iiTap or click for ImagehDerekIvanBrown22/05/200272
NW-c14Tap or click for ImageaRobertLeonardAndrews 19/04/2006761930
NW-c13Tap or click for ImageaRichardFrancisHatton17/02/200671
NW-c10Tap or click for ImageaMalcolmWilson22/09/20055013/12/1954
NW-c09iTap or click for ImageaWilliamWathes11/06/20059131/01/1914
NW-c09iiTap or click for ImagewMaryElizabethWathes27/10/20099308/07/1916
NW-c08Tap or click for ImageaHeleneMcCartan29/05/20058910/05/1916Born in Bottrop, Germany. "Gib ihnen die Ruhe"
NW-c07iTap or click for ImageaKennethBernardEnglish08/03/200571
NW-c07iiTap or click for ImagewPamelaMaryEnglish04/08/201171
NW-c06iTap or click for ImageaReginaldKjames (Mac)Machesney14/01/200526/04/1924Born Dublin
NW-c06iiTap or click for ImagewNancyEvelynGoodmanMachesney11/06/200528/12/1927Born Liverpool Nee Goodman
NW-c05Tap or click for ImageaJeanRudkin06/10/20047627/05/1928
NW-c04Tap or click for ImageaVictoriaLouiseJohnson15/07/200323/11/1976
NW-c03iTap or click for ImageaCharlieLast14/05/2003Our Precious Twins
NW-c03iiTap or click for ImagebGeorgieLast 14/05/2003
NW-c02iTap or click for ImageaJosephEnsor09/03/200184
NW-c02iiTap or click for ImagewMabelAliceEnsor10/09/200986
NW-c01iTap or click for ImageaFrancesMayAtherton09/04/200082
NW-c01iiTap or click for ImagengJohnAtherton16/04/200486
NW-d01Tap or click for ImageaDaphneMaryHazellFill18/02/20066930/07/1936N‚e Hazell
NW-d02iTap or click for ImageaBrendaWarwick04/05/200666
NW-d02iiTap or click for ImagesAdamThomasWarwick09/05/200736
NW-d02iiiTap or click for ImagehAlbertWarwick30/10/201879
NW-d03iTap or click for ImageaRalphCliffordDunkley20061918
NW-d03iiTap or click for ImagewJoanLilianDunkley20121919
NW-d04Tap or click for ImageaMarion RoseJervis05/12/200620/02/1920
NW-d05Tap or click for ImageaEdwardAustinJervis23/03/201011/02/1919
NW-d06Tap or click for ImageaMarilynDelia d'AlcornEvans10/03/200730/11/1942
NW-d07iTap or click for ImageaAlanAlbertBowers20071930
NW-d07iiTap or click for ImagewMarleneBowers20141934
NW-d08Tap or click for ImageaJohnTimms12/12/20086903/08/1939
NW-d09iTap or click for ImageaStephenGoacher06/12/200844
NW-d09iiTap or click for ImagewCynthiaGoacher20161936
NW-d10Tap or click for ImageaSusanPlant10/02/201002/01/1954of Manor Farm
NW-d14iTap or click for ImageaIanPhilipDunkley20101939
NW-d14iiTap or click for ImagewElizabethMargaretDunkley20181939
NW-d19iTap or click for ImageaGeorgeHenryRedfern01/10/201088
NW-d19iTap or click for ImageaMargaretDellaRedfern14/01/202189
NW-d20Tap or click for ImageaReginaldJohnBirtwistle03/10/201117/07/1942Christus ~Resurrexit!
NW-d21Tap or click for ImageaReserved RonaMoore
NW-d22Tap or click for ImageaWyndhamBaylissDavies05/04/201227/11/1931
NW-d23Tap or click for ImageaKeithMiller16/09/201271
NW-d24Tap or click for ImageaJohnMugglestone20121935
NW-d25iTap or click for ImageaMarjorieElinorCanner17/05/201327/01/1928
NW-d25iiTap or click for ImagehRoyCanner19/03/201526/01/1926
NW-d26Tap or click for ImageUnknown
NW-d27iTap or click for ImageaRichard Witcher29/06/20137826/07/1934
NW-d27iiTap or click for ImagewDodieWitcher22/12/20167630/04/1940
NW-d28iTap or click for ImageaTommyPowell26/09/2017
NW-d28iiTap or click for ImagebBobbyPowell 26/09/2017
NW-e27Tap or click for ImageaCharlesStuart HerbertBennion19/09/201876loving husband, father and grandfather
NW-e20Tap or click for ImageaNorahMayPratt19/04/202294
NW-e19Tap or click for ImageaAlanWilliamLast19/01/202278
NW-e17Tap or click for ImageaSheilaGertrudeMoore24/11/202185
NW-e16Tap or click for ImageaKeithAustinHaines25/07/20219109/07/1930
NW-e15Tap or click for ImageaJamesHodson14/05/202192At Rest
NW-e14Tap or click for ImageaCatherineHelenLandenberger18/02/202168
NW-e13Tap or click for ImageaIanKendallDring30/12/20207413/10/1946
NW-e12Tap or Click for ImageaSamuelJamesBrassington18/06/20208019/07/1939
NW-e11Tap or click for ImageaKarenDavies16/06/2020621958
NW-e10Tap or click for ImageaLindaMarySmith24/01/202389
NW-e09Tap or click for ImageaRobertStanley KarlStanSmith27/05/20199006/08/1928
NW-e08iTap or click for ImageaColinAttwood28/02/201988
NW-e08iiTap or click for ImagewNancyMaryAttwood07/06/202087
NW-e06Tap or click for ImageaPhilipMaratHoldsworth03/05/201730/04/1941
NW-e05Tap or click for ImageaHarryLewisIkin07/11/201604/03/1930
NW-e04Tap or click for ImageaBarbaraEllenLowe02/11/201579
NW-e03iTap or click for ImageaSusanElizabethAndrews 21/04/201553
NW-e03iiTap or click for ImagehStuartWilliam JohnAndrews 25/09/201858
NW-eo2Tap or click for ImageaJeanellaMahalaSumnall02/07/201428/02/1940
NW-e01iiTap or click for ImageaEllenAnneMooreNugent
NW-e01iTap or click for ImageaAlanGeorgeMoore15/03/201410/01/1934
S-A0&9iTap or Click for ImageaWilliamGAttwood12/11/195962A Dear Husband and Father
S-A0&9ii Tap or Click for ImagewElsieMayAttwood01/08/196970A Dear Wife and Mother
S-A0&8Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeWilliamAttwoodA dear brother
S-A1iTap or click for ImageaWilliamWallis12/09/189337This stone is cted by his friends & companions in the choir & belfre
S-A1iiTap or click for ImagesWilliamWallis16/04/1918Also of William his son of the Durham Light Infantry who fell in France April 16th 1918. A Life well lived & nobly given
S-A1iiiTap or click for ImagewEmmaWallis15/06/192872
S-A2iTap or click for ImageaThomasOrton06/01/191672
S-A2iiTap or click for ImagewElizabethOrton22/03/192781Her end was peace
S-A3iTap or click for ImagesCharlesHenryOrton16/11/189521"O for the touch of a vanish'd hand And the sound of a voice that is still"
S-A3iiTap or click for ImagebHoraceThomasOrton16/11/189922
S-A5iTap or click for ImageaElizaRagg31/05/189436
S-A5iiTap or click for ImagehThomasRagg05/09/189734
S-A7iTap or click for ImageaRichardSmedley24/12/190151
S-A7iiTap or click for ImagewHannahSmedley23/07/189681
S-A10iTap or click for ImageaGeorgeGerman28/01/190564
S-A10iiTap or click for ImagewAliceGerman15/01/191569
S-A10iiiTap or click for ImagedAliceGerman09/12/196085
S-A10ivTap or click for ImageaIdaMayHerman21/05/19051879
S-A11iTap or click for ImageaWilliamHeafieldGerman14/03/190939
S-A11iiTap or click for ImagewKateMayGerman15/06/196493
S-A11iiiTap or click for ImageaMildredGerman19/05/19051883
S-A12Tap or click for ImageaMargaretJaneAttwood21/07/195455
S-A13iTap or click for ImageaEmmaAttwood1932671865
S-A13iiTap or click for ImagengHarryAttwood1942811861
S-A14iTap or click for ImageaThomasAttwood08/07/189661Until the last and brightest Easter Day be born
S-A14iiTap or click for ImagewGeorgianaAttwood15/03/191474
S-A15Tap or click for ImageaFrederickAttwood13/06/189721Dearly loved son of Thomas and Georgiana Attwood
S-A16iTap or click for ImageaElizaThompson18/6/189561of Willesley
S-A16iiTap or click for ImagehEdwardThompson23/07/19328990th year
S-A17iTap or click for ImageaSamuelLowePetty28/3/189835(of Packington)
S-A17iiTap or click for ImagewKatePetty29/07/191143
S-A18iTap or click for ImageaTimothyKnight28/02/190672
S-A18iiTap or click for ImagewElizabethKnight04/10/192482
S-A19Tap or click for ImageaLucy AnnPearce16/06/191263wife of Benjamin Pearce. With Christ which is far better
S-A22iTap or click for ImageaSelinaGarner21/12/191477
S-A22iiTap or click for ImagehHastingsGarner16/01/192581
S-A23iTap or click for ImageaGeorgeAlbertHeafield11/05/193760
S-A23iiTap or click for ImagewElizabethHastingsHeafield12/01/195580
S-A23iiiTap or click for ImagesArthurGeorgeHeafield30/11/199184
S-A24iTap or click for ImageaWilliamWilderWoodward04/08/189954
S-A24iiTap or click for ImagesWalterHenryWoodward09/10/191537of the 2nd Canadian Rifles who fell in action near Ypres Buried at Westoutre Cemetery "Fight the Good Fight"
S-B1iTap or click for ImageaMarjorieMayWallis14/12/194225
S-B1iiTap or click for ImagefGeorgeHarryWallis18/02/194562
S-B1iiiTap or click for ImagemMaryHarrietWallis11/03/195676
S-B2iTap or click for ImageaFrankPoxon24/04/192478(Of Packington)
S-B2iiTap or click for ImagewAnnWoodPoxon16/06/192575(Of Packington)
S-B7iTap or click for ImageaJohnSmith27/06/190367
S-B7iiTap or click for ImagewElizabethSmith17/06/192182
S-B8iTap or click for ImageaCharlesKnight01/05/192245
S-B8iiTap or click for ImagewFrancesKnight21/05/195270
S-B10Tap or click for ImageAndrewBaud28/04/1905
S-B11Tap or click for ImageaCeciliaGlover24/10/192428wife of Aleck Brewin Glover, daughter of Andrew & Fanny Baud
S-B12Tap or click for ImageaFrancesMason19/12/191881called to the homeland
S-B15Tap or click for ImageaWilliamRichardHeafield24/03/192414/02/1922
S-B16very small h/s "KP"
S-B18Tap or click for ImageaThomasWallisRedfern16/05/192569of Ashby de la Zouch & Virden, Manitoba
S-B19iTap or click for ImageaSelinaGarner27/02/192962
S-B19iiTap or click for ImagesSarahLoiseGarner27/02/196187
S-B20iTap or click for ImageaMarthaGerman03/05/192358(Woodville)
S-B20iiTap or click for ImagehGeorgeGerman16/06/194267
S-B21iTap or click for ImageaWilliamSpare13/05/190454
S-B21iiTap or click for ImagewSarahSpare24/02/192984
S-C1iTap or click for ImageaEthelHelenaPerridge27/11/194014/11/1892wife of William Perridge
S-C1iiTap or click for ImagefCharlesRuckparents of the above
S-C1iiiTap or click for ImagemJaneRuckparents of the above
S-C2Tap or click for ImageaWilliamSwann25/08/1963
S-C3iTap or click for ImageaThomasHeafield19371870
S-C3iiTap or click for ImagewMaryElizabethHeafield19591879
S-C3iiiTap or click for ImagesDavidHeafield19431919killed at Salerno
S-C9iTap or click for ImageaRichardGrundyOakey02/02/192676
S-C9iiTap or click for ImagewEmmaOakey04/03/193171
S-C10iTap or click for ImageaMaryGarner31/12/193773
S-C10iiTap or click for ImagengEdithGarner05/02/195180
S-C11Tap or click for ImageMaryElizabethBaud
S-C17iTap or click for ImageaCharlesSpencePeach11/09/192972
S-C17iiTap or click for ImagewAlicePeach91
S-C18Tap or click for ImageaJaneLauder01/09/192685widow of John Lauder
S-D1iTap or click for ImageHenryPickering14/02/192363
S-D1iiTap or click for ImagewClaraPickering09/11/192664
S-D5iTap or click for ImageaMarthaOakey19/06/195771
S-D5iiTap or click for ImagengLizzieOakey11/08/197474
S-D6Tap or click for ImageaHaroldOakey30/08/1953
S-D7iTap or click for ImageaAnnOakey18/02/1953
S-D7iiTap or click for ImagengSarahOakey10/02/197085
S-D8Tap or click for ImageaRhodaGerman03/08/1950
S-D10Tap or click for ImageaZanderMason13/10/19458The Lord hath taken my flower for His garden
S-D11iiTap or click for ImageaJaneParkhill04/04/193864
S-D11iiTap or click for ImagehRobertAlexanderParkhill26/08/193970
S-D12iTap or click for ImageaAlfredHenryMason24/11/195281
S-D12iiTap or click for ImagewIsaEstherMason16/03/1938
S-D16iTap or click for ImageaJamesPickering02/02/191477
S-D16iiTap or click for ImagewFannyPickering18/04/192685
S-E1iTap or click for ImageaThomasHutchinson21/6/189568
S-E1iiTap or click for ImagewMaryHutchinson08/05/190373"With Christ which is far better"
S-E2Tap or click for ImageaSarahPickering12/10/189562Beloved wife of George Pickering of Packington
S-E5iTap or click for ImageaSusanKing30/01/19267/8/1837Widow of the late Rev Lucius King, Vicar of Buttershaw, Yorkshire
S-E5iiTap or click for ImageaRobertWilliamKing28/08/1926Buried at Paignton, Saskatchewan
S-E5iiiTap or click for ImageaCatherineIngramKing10/03/195981
S-(PATH for four spaces)
S-E10Tap or click for ImageaJamesWilliamParry01/01/194623Accidentally killed at Trent Valley
S-E11iTap or click for ImageaHerbertHatton17/12/194414/9/1877
S-E11iiTap or click for ImagewClaraAnnHatton04/05/194980
S-E12iTap or click for ImageaSelinaOakey04/02/194293
S-E12iiTap or click for ImageniEddithAnneHeafield29/06/196984
S-E13iTap or click for ImageaThomasOakey16/02/194064
S-E13iiTap or click for ImagewJanetOakey21/08/194070
S-E14Tap or click for ImageaEvelineGuppy17/07/19385021/3/1888Wife of Ronald Arthur Guppy
S-E15iTap or click for ImageaJosephJacques27/09/193169
S-E15iiTap or click for ImageaMaryElizabethJacques22/11/194471Beloved wife of Joseph Jacques
S-E16iTap or click for ImageaAlfredParry17/02/192775Beloved Husband of Mary E Jacques
S-E16iiTap or click for ImagewMarthaMaryParry21/02/192772
S-E20Tap or click for ImageaJamesHaywood12/05/190755
S-G2Tap or click for ImageaHenryThomasKenyon24/01/191158
S-G3Tap or click for ImageaKateSmerdon08/05/190586
S-G5iTap or click for ImageaWalterGerman12/12/193156
S-G5iiTap or click for ImagewEdithGerman19/11/196279
S-G7iTap or click for ImageaRobertBryan02/02/195572
S-G7iiTap or click for ImagewAnnieBryan21/01/196579His wife
S-G8iTap or click for ImageaMarthaSumner15/05/195524/12/1883
S-G8iiTap or click for ImagehJohnSumner29/02/196887His work nobly done, then rest
S-G9iTap or click for ImageaEthelHatton07/10/195170
S-G9iiTap or click for ImagehGeorgeHatton26/01/195370
S-G11iTap or click for ImageaWalterHines05/10/195077
S-G11iiTap or click for ImagewEmmaFrearsonHines09/09/195882
S-G16iTap or click for ImageaEdwardJamesDunkley23/05/192769
S-G16iiTap or click for ImagewAngelinaDunkley21/09/195680
S-G16iiiTap or click for ImagedEdithEmmaDunkley191632Died in Winnipeg
S-G16ivTap or click for ImagesRalphReedDunkley191623Killed in action
S-G16vTap or click for ImagesJohnCharlesDunkley28/09/192747
S-G17iTap or click for ImageaJohnEnsor04/02/191973
S-G17iiTap or click for ImagesiJaneDodds01/05/192273
S-H4iTap or click for ImageaMargaretAliceLonsdale05/01/193058
S-H4iiTap or click for ImagehDavidHenryLonsdale31/10/193055
S-H8iTap or click for ImageaHaroldPoxon05/05/195465Flower holder - Harold from his workmates at N. L. C.
S-H8iiTap or click for ImagewFlorriePoxon27/05/197988
S-H12Tap or click for ImageaWilliamToombs16/08/194286Rest after weariness
S-H13Tap or click for ImageaFannyBott13/04/194179
S-H15iTap or click for ImageaClaraJaneGranger21/04/1932
S-H15IITap or click for ImagehRichardGranger29/09/193763
S-H19Tap or click for ImageaSarahElizabethMiddleton07/01/190917/07/1908Infant daughter of William and Alice Elizabeth Middleton
S-I3iTap or click for ImageaEllenCharlotteStreet16/10/194178
S-I3iTap or click for ImagehWilliamStreet02/09/197090
S-I12iTap or click for ImageaAmySpare23/06/195570
S-I12iiTap or click for ImagehAlbertSpare11/12/196181
S-I13Tap or click for ImageaTerryCroxton12/04/194805/11/1942Son of Alfred and Doris Croxton - Safe in the Arms of Jesus
S-I14iTap or click for ImageaElsieFannyWoodward02/10/194752
S-I14iiTap or click for ImagehWilliamStorerWoodward09/03/195256
S-I15Tap or click for ImageaJosephAyreBott19/07/196687
S-I17iTap or click for ImageaSamuelHenryHatton15/02/193681
S-I17iiTap or click for ImagewMaryHatton15/06/193179
S-I18Tap or click for ImageaFrancesWraggHatton17/09/192961Beloved wife of Joseph Hatton (Alton Grange)
S-I19iTap or click for ImageaBernardHatton14/02/192456
S-I19iiTap or click for ImagewElizabethHatton04/07/193869
S-I20iTap or click for ImageaWilliamHatton23/02/190884
S-I20iTap or click for ImagewMaryHatton26/01/191081
S-J8iTap or click for ImageaRobertHendersonMaxwell25/01/196462My dear husband
S-J8iiTap or click for ImageaAlfredWalterChilds24/08/198582A dear brother
S-J8iiiTap or click for ImageaFrancesHildaMaxwell08/03/198882A loving wife and sister
S-J10Tap or click for ImageaWilliamWellsDunkley30/03/195665
S-J12iTap or click for ImageaPercyDunkley02/05/195461
S-J12iiTap or click for ImagewMabelDunkley01/03/195555
S-J13iTap or click for ImageaJackFairbrother22/12/195263
S-J13iiTap or click for ImageaMabelMarthaFairbrother23/02/195565
S-J21iTap or click for ImageaThomasKirby12/06/191288
S-J21iiTap or click for ImagewHannahKirby30/01/191266
S-J21iiiTap or click for ImagesStephenKirby29/12/188710
S-K6iTap or click for ImageaThomasHextall22/10/195078
S-K6iiTap or click for ImagewLouisaAnnHextall23/11/196890
S-K7iTap or click for ImageaSamuelFrederickRoberts18/06/1982
S-K7iiTap or click for ImagewDoraRoberts28/05/1965
S-K8iTap or click for ImageaFlorenceBott12/04/196470A Dear Wife and Mother who fell asleep
S-K8iiTap or click for ImageaWilliamBott18/02/197785Also a Dear Husband and Father
S-K8iiiTap or click for ImageDeath Divideth But Memory ??
S-L0Tap or click for ImageaIsabellaClarke25/7/181238late wife of Joseph Clarke
S-L1Tap or click for ImageaSarahClarke15/01/186467daughter of late Joseph & Isabella Clarke
S-L2Tap or click for ImageaJosephClarke28/07/183568
S-L4iTap or click for ImageaElizabethClarke20/12/192518/7/1852Body lies nearest Church
S-L4iiTap or click for ImagesiAnnMassey10/07/192618/6/1845Wife of William Massey of Measham Two daughters of Samuel and Ann Clarke
S-L6iTap or click for ImageaBertieLawrenceSharp00/07/196776
S-L6iiTap or click for ImagewLilianMarySharp00/07/197281
S-L6iiiTap or click for ImagesGordonVarnamSharp00/04/193013
S-L9Tap or click for ImageaErnestHaroldSaunders196561The Red House, Ashby de la Zouch
S-L10iTap or click for ImageaKatePeach13/01/197278
S-L10iTap or click for ImagengGeorgeHenryPeach02/06/196775
S-L11Tap or click for ImageaClementinaDunkley20/05/19051881Wife of John Charles Dunkley and mother of Eric, Philip and Ralph
S-L15iTap or click for ImageaMarjorieHardy17/03/195833
S-L15iiTap or click for ImageaGeoffreyRoberts27/03/194322Her brother died in action 1943
S-L16iTap or click for ImageaLizziePage06/11/195766
S-L16iiTap or click for ImageaAlfredPage26/03/196577
S-L16iiiTap or click for ImageaJohnPage1943A Dear Son, died in Action 1943
S-L16ivTap or click for ImageaPhyllisSearle12/06/19051919
S-L18iTap or click for ImageaMaryAlbutt07/11/195085Our dear parents
S-L18iiTap or click for ImagehGeorgeAlbutt31/10/195088
S-L19iTap or click for ImageaLeonardJohnAlbutt28/02/193527/03/1926Our dear son
S-L19iiTap or click for ImagemMarionSarahAlbutt23/04/198183
S-L19iiiTap or click for ImagefLeonardAlbutt15/01/198989
S-L20Tap or click for ImageaWinifredParr30/03/193239Sometime we'll understand
S-L21iTap or click for ImageaGeorgeJordan02/03/191318/3/1815
S-L21iiTap or click for ImageaAnnJordan26/01/193121/8/1853
S-M0&8Tap or click for ImageaSamuelClarke04/09/188735
S-M0&9Tap or click for ImageaAnnClarke04/05/188071
S-M0Tap or click for ImageaThomas JnrWebster13/06/182825
S-M1Tap or click for ImageaSarahEllenNellieLame15/08/191328wife of Stanley Lame youngest daughter of Richard & Hannah Heath
S-M2Tap or click for ImageaJosephClarkeTimms18/05/187771
S-M3Tap or click for ImageaSamuelTimms05/12/186385
S-(PATH - Narrow)
S-M10iTap or click for ImageaAlfredDouglasPratt23/05/196570
S-M10iiTap or click for ImagewBerthaPratt21/03/199085
S-M14iTap or click for ImageaJamesGlover11/12/195367
S-M14iiTap or click for ImagewNellieGlover02/07/197075
S-M15iTap or click for ImageaGeorgeRatcliffe15/01/194764Our dear parents
S-M15iTap or click for ImagewHarrietRatcliffe18/05/195767
S-M20Tap or click for ImageaRobertGeorgeParry05/02/195373Shelter me in a haven of rest
S-M22Tap or click for ImageaGeoffreyWalterHampson22/01/19239eldest son of Annie & the late Thomas Edward Hampson
S-O1Tap or click for ImageaHannahStorer03/02/188135third daughter of Benjn and Catherine Storer
S-O2Tap or click for ImageaBenjaminStorer19/11/186152
S-O3Tap or click for ImageaCatherineStorer24/02/187768Relict of Benjamin Storer of this place
S-P1Tap or click for ImageaHarryPercivalKnight10/04/197586Devoted Husband of Gertrude Knight
S-P2Tap or click for ImageaGertrudeKnight18/01/196680Dear Wife and Mother
S-P4Tap or click for ImageaFlorenceElizabethGranger13/05/194872Beloved wife of Stephen Granger
S-Q1ITap or click for ImageaReginaldWilliamTugby17/10/192932Beloved sons of Andrew and Sarah Tugby of Ashby
S-Q1iiTap or click for ImagebLeslie AndrewTugby18/09/191820Welsh Regt Killed in France
S-Q2iTap or click for ImageaWilliamHenryLisney09/11/195594of London and this Parish
S-Q2iiTap or click for ImagewJemimaSusannahLisney30/07/192565ever a true believer
S-Q3Tap or click for ImageaDorothyLisney12/02/194249(late of Packington House) Grandmother of Suzanne and Patrick Lisney
S-Q4Tap or click for ImageaWilliamAlbertLisney01/10/195814/8/1889of Packington House, Snarestone Lodge and Fenny Drayton Close
S-R1Tap or click for ImageaWilliamWilkins13/12/190867for some years churchwarden of this Parish
S-R2Tap or click for ImageaArthurSMammatt23/12/19019/5/1848Vicar 1890 to 1901, By whose zeal and energy this church was restored
S-R3Tap or click for ImageaEleanorKatherineMammatt29/07/191449Widow of Arthur Simmonds Mammatt
S-R4Tap or click for ImageaEdwardMartinMammatt23/10/194254Elder son of Arthur S Mammatt
S-R5iTap or click for ImageaJosephRichardGibbs27/06/197166
S-R5iiTap or click for ImagengChristineMayGibbs14/09/200095
S-R7Tap or click for ImageaLeslieParry02/07/196844
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S-R10iTap or click for ImageaMinnieParry24/03/196164
S-R10IITap or click for ImagehAlfredHenryParry28/07/197480
S-R15iTap or click for ImageaVioletEllenFaulkner15/11/199890
S-R15iiTap or click for ImagengCharlesHenryFaulkner18/03/199384
S-R16Tap or click for ImageaMauriceEdwardChatfield18/06/193819son of Fanny & John Chatfield
S-R18iTap or click for ImageaJohnChatfield22/04/193554
S-R18iiTap or click for ImagewFannyChatfield25/12/197486
S-R20Tap or click for ImageaJohnArnoldHanson23/07/191437
S-R22iTap or click for ImageaJohnHanson04/01/191476
S-R22iiTap or click for Imagew2HannahHanson30/06/192377second wife of the above
S-S1iTap or click for ImageaHarryGerman18/06/19451/11/1866CBE
S-S1iTap or click for ImagewEvelynGerman04/09/194625/3/1873
S-S2iTap or click for ImageaAliceHenson14/08/196123/4/1874
S-S2iiTap or click for ImagehSamuelWilliamHenson18/04/196423/4/1874
S-S2iiiTap or click for ImagesGeoffreyHenson27/12/198021/01/1912
S-T1Tap or click for ImageaRichard CooperGerman01/03/191620/9/1878
S-T2Tap or click for ImageaMurielBelcher22/11/1928Q.A.I.N.S. R R C 1916
S-T3iTap or click for ImageaFrankGerman25/09/193759
S-T3iiTap or click for ImagengElizaAnnGerman26/09/194974
S-T3iiiTap or click for ImageaCyrilMugglestone19/06/198027/11/1897
S-T3ivTap or click for ImagengKathleenHelenGermanMugglestone21/01/199524/05/1906nee German
S-T4iTap or click for ImageaCharlesHeafield27/09/19397/7/1882
S-T4iiTap or click for ImagewAnnieHeafield25/04/195726/5/1883
S-T5iTap or click for ImageaEleanorMaryWykes26/12/195884
S-T5iiTap or click for ImagesiAliceStorer02/07/196177her dear sister
S-T6iTap or click for ImageaEvaElizabethOrton16/03/196782
S-T6iiTap or click for ImagehEdwardBertramOrton13/09/198093
S-T16Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeEnsor23/04/19237son of Fred & Kate Ensor
S-U1iTap or click for ImageaFredMoore01/11/197466
S-U1iiTap or click for ImagewMaryGeorginaMoore01/05/198882
S-U2Tap or click for ImageaKateFord06/03/197405/06/1913a treasured wife and mother who lived for those she loved
S-U3Tap or click for ImageaFredGerman30/11/197326/03/1916
S-U4Tap or click for ImageaBarry ReginaldCox21/06/197239
S-U5Tap or click for ImageaMarySwann20/10/197064
S-U6Tap or click for ImageaWilliamCooper17/3/18215
S-U12Tap or click for ImageaaHarryHeapGranger20/04/191611918 Private - Machine Gun Corps (Inf.)
W-1Tap or click for ImageaThomasAllen05/04/1801821719Also near this place lie interred Mary his wife, And three of their children - This stone is erected By the only surviving son Thomas Allen
W-2Tap or click for ImageaHannahGarner25/11/1786251761wife of Thomas Garner O cruel Death did a short warning give That took my Dear away left me to grieve I hope in time my tears I shall refrain, And think with joy in Heav'n to meet again
W-3Tap or click for ImageaAnnKiddear11/01/1809411768Wife of Joseph Kiddear Of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Be ye also ready; for in such An hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh. Ritchie. Ashby
W-4Tap or click for ImageaAnnieHall27/04/1873151858daughter of THOMAS & ANN HALL, The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord
W-5Tap or click for ImageaGraceWinifredGabe16/07/1905351870The Beloved Wife of John Rees Gabe, M.D. Of London Perfect in Christ Jesus
W-6Tap or click for ImageaEdwardGabe18/05/191918/01/1902son of JOHN & GRACE WINIFRED GABE The peace of God which passeth all understanding
W-7Tap or click for ImageaWilliamBlack19/02/1886431843"Be ye also ready"
W-8Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeOrchard09/03/1861731788
W-8iiTap or click for ImagewSarahOrchard27/02/1847601787I am the resurrection and the life he that believeth in Me, though he were dead yet shall he live. Orgill
W-9Tap or click for ImageaAnnHarrison13/04/1813201793Daughter of Richard & Mary Harrison Life how short eternity how long
W-10Tap or click for ImageaThomasGarner02/12/1807471760late of Willesley Life is uncertain: death is sure Sin gave the Wound and Christ the Cure
W-10iiTap or click for ImagewMaryGarner25/10/18356417692nd wife of Thomas Garner of Willesley Blessed are the dead that Die in the Lord for they Rest from their labours
W-11Tap or click for ImageaWilliamSutton30/07/1813381775Memento Mori Leaving a Wife five children and Parent to lament the loss of a loving husband tender
W-12Tap or click for ImageaThomasBlastock02/02/1853831770This memorial of affection was erected by James, son of Thomas and Ann Blastock, to point out the resting place of his beloved parents.
W-12iTap or click for ImagewAnnBlastock14/01/1852731779What! Though I liv'd beyond the age of man, The longest life on earth is but a span. O God impress on every heart this truth, That age is but the eve of youth
W-12iiTap or click for ImagesWilliamBlastock24/03/1862461816The best of mothers now lies sleeping here, who lov'd her husband and her children dear. Great was their loss for her eternal gain But hope in Christ we all shall meet again
W-13Tap or click for ImageaRalphOldacres26/12/1768791689Death is a path that must be trod If ever Man would come to GOD From pain the pious soul it frees And leads to joyful Peace and EASE. Dexter
W-14Tap or click for ImageaHenryHill18/09/1854171837Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Sutton, Ashby
W-15Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeGrundy22/03/1808731735
W-15iiTap or click for ImagewAnnGrundy13/12/1822761746
W-16Tap or click for ImageaAnnOldacres28/12/1781821699wife of Ralph Oldacres of this place, she was an affectionate wife, a tender parent
W-17Tap or click for ImageaThomasHill01/01/1784691715remains of Thomas Hill Sen. Affliction fore long time I bore Physicians was in vain Till death did seize and God did please To free me from my pain.
W-17iiTap or click for ImagewAnnHill28/10/1791761715
W-18Tap or click for ImageaJamesAlsebrook19/11/1845391806In Memory of James and Francis Alsebrook Sons of Joseph and Rebecca Alsebrook Orgill
W-18iiTap or click for ImagebFrancisAlsebrook27/09/1843271816
W-19Tap or click for ImageaWilliamWalker02/02/1881631818The memory of the just is blessed
W-19iiTap or click for ImagewSarahWalker02/01/1898931805Her end was peace
W-20Tap or click for ImageaJohnTaft02/04/1863741789He sleeps in Jesus Orgill
W-21Tap or click for ImageaSarahGrundy09/03/185081842daughter of John and Sarah Grundy. The Lord gave and the Lord hath Taken away. Blessed be the name of The Lord Job 1. 21 J. Sutton
W-22Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeGrundy01/09/185311852Son of John and Sarah Grundy Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto Me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matt. XIX 14 Sutton
W-23Tap or click for ImageaElizabethGrundy14/11/1828271801daughter of Richard and Ann Grundy She sleeps in Jesus J. Sutton
W-24Tap or click for ImageaAnnWallington06/02/1850601790
W-25Tap or click for ImageaHastingsGarner14/11/1848801768What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch J. Sutton
W-26Tap or click for ImageaJohnEdwards02/02/1839761763Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord Cooper
W-27Tap or click for ImageaRobertGoodman29/05/1723631660
W-27iiTap or click for ImagewSarahGoodman25/07/1747901657died July XXV. MDCCXLVII G. Dexter Fec
W-28Tap or click for ImageaElizabethTaft20/11/1857701787wife of John Taft The memory of the just is blessed
W-28iiTap or click for ImagesThomasTaft26/05/1846261820son of the above Boast not thyself of tomorrow: for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Orgill
W-29Tap or click for ImageaJosephAlsebrook07/02/1858831775
W-29iiTap or click for ImagewRebeccaAlsebrook26/10/1856781778 Orgill
W-30Tap or click for ImageaJohnHill26/09/1842511791By sudden death I in a moment fell No time to bid my wife and child farewell Think nothing strange, death happens unto all. My lot's today, tomorrow you may fall J. Cooper
W-31Tap or click for ImageaEllenElizabethBurnett20/06/1914511863the dearly loved wife of Clifford Burnett. Until the day break, and the shadows flee away
W-32Tap or click for ImageaAnnJewsbury30/05/189019/02/1826Gone home to rest
W-32iiTap or click for ImagehThomasJewsbury30/11/189003/10/1818His end was peace
W-33Tap or click for ImageaSarahLitherland01/09/1841521789wife of Thomas Litherland A tender mother now lies here Who was beloved by children dear She sleepeth now and free from pain Till Christ shall raise her up again
W-33iiTap or click for ImagehThomasLitherland12/05/1857671790 Cooper
W-34Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeHatton10/07/192813/08/1857born at Packington died at Ashby de la Zouch He was for sixty-four years the valued and faithful friend of the late Rev C Pratt and his family His Master loved him and he knew it He loved his Master and he proved it
W-34iiTap or click for ImagewSarahHatton01/07/1930-18282Peace perfect peace
W-35Tap or click for ImageaArthurWmHatton28/08/196520/04/1890Come unto me
W-35iiTap or click for ImagewLilianMayHatton27/09/200417/10/1901Reunited
W-36Tap or click for ImageaAnnieHatton24/03/188441880daughter of George and Sarah Hatton
W-36iiTap or click for ImagesElizabethJaneHatton06/02/18858m1884their daughter
W-36iiiTap or click for ImagebJohnHatton26/02/18863m1885their son. He shall gather the lambs with His arm and carry them in His bosom. Orgill Measham
W-37Tap or click for ImageaJohnHatton15/10/1891811810Thy will be done
W-37iiTap or click for ImagewElizaHatton12/02/1892781814Her end was peace. Peace perfect peace with lov'd ones far away, In Jesus' keeping we are safe, and they. Elliot, Ashby
W-38Tap or click for ImageaArthurHunt25/09/18909/02/1833
W-38iiTap or click for ImagesBenjaminJaquesHunt19/04/18675m1866
N38iiiTap or click for ImagesArthurPercyHunt01/11/18776w1877(children of the above) "I know that my Redeemer liveth" Elliot
W-39Tap or click for ImageaSusannaHunt23/09/189823/06/1832wife of Arthur Hunt Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
W-39iiTap or click for ImagegdMarjorieSusannaPatriciaHunt22/09/19062268Dearly loved daughter of John and Agnes Baxter and grand daughter of the above
W-40Tap or click for ImageaSarahBarlow?/07/1861841777relict of John Barlow of Ashby de la Zouch
W-41Tap or click for ImageaJaneBarlow17/11/1873611812daughter of John and Sarah Barlow late of Ashby de la Zouch He giveth His beloved sleep
W-41ATap or click for ImageaLizzieSmith23/06/1911601851Wife of Vincent Smith and daughter of Joseph and Mary Fairbrother Hope! Peace! Rest! (L)ove have come to me at last!
W-42Tap or click for ImageaChristianaBerrie26/09/18797929/10/1800She was the fourth daughter of James William and Eleanor Berrie and was born in London 29th October 1800 In my house are many mansions I go to prepare a place for you
W-43Tap or click for ImageaMaryBerrie03/08/1869767/12/1792...of ...William and Eleanor Berrie and was born in London Prob 1939 281
W-44Tap or click for ImageaJaneBerrie02/02/187313/08/1797She was the third daughter of James William and Eleanor Berrie and was born in London. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying
W-45Tap or click for ImageaFrederickStanleyPotter07/12/1903261877fourth son of Arthur and Caroline Potter of Ashby de la Zouch
W-45iiTap or click for ImagesJosephStanleyPotter0their third son (Interred at Aylestone) who died in infancy "With Christ which is far better" Elliott
W-46Tap or click for ImageaJohnHood22/01/1871881783In affectionate remembrance of John ? Of Ashby de la Zouch who died January ? Aged 88 years
W-47Tap or click for ImageaJohnGarner01/02/1916421874of Arlick Farm. Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest
W-47iiTap or click for ImagewMaryHelenaGarner19/11/1934611873Wife of the above. I have finished the work which Thou gavest me to do. Elliott
W-48Tap or click for ImageaNathanielGarner12/07/1893461847In the midst of life we are in death
W-48iiTap or click for ImagewAnnGarner12/03/1914701844Thy will be done. Elliott
W-49Tap or click for ImageaJohnGarner21/09/1874641810of Arlick Farm. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.
W-49iiTap or click for ImagewMaryAnnGarner09/06/1886791807The ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads
W-50aheadstone destroyed
W-51Tap or click for ImageaMarthaOakey01/02/1903581845the devoted wife of Thomas Oakey of Normanton-le-Heath They rest from their labours and their works do follow them. Smith Ashby
W-52Tap or click for ImageaThomasOakey16/01/192709/10/1846the beloved husband of Martha Oakey of Normanton-le-Heath. There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. Smith Ashby
W-53Tap or click for ImageaWilliamHarryGerman14/05/191012/05/1910Son of Harry & Evelyn German. The Lord gave and the Lord hath Taken away blessed be the name of the Lord.
W-54Tap or click for ImageaGeorgeGerman26/06/1861511810I know that my Redeemer liveth Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
W-54iiTap or click for ImagewCatherineGerman30/10/1877661811wife of George German, who died at Derby. Just as I am - without one plea But that Thy blood was shed for me O Lamb of God I come Elliott
W-55Tap or click for ImageaAliceCooper12/10/1887341853wife of Arthur Edward Cooper, who died at Normanton The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms
W-55iiTap or click for ImagedHelenMayCooper22/11/188701887infant daughter of Arthur Edward and Alice Cooper Short toil eternal rest. Stanford Ashby
W-56Tap or click for ImageaSarahElizabethGerman03/02/1871301841daughter of George & Catherine German who died at Ventnor Nothing in my hand I bring Simply to Thy cross I cling
W-57Tap or click for ImageaMaryAnnAdcock20/07/1926891837Nevertheless though I was sometimes afraid Yet put I my trust in Thee RIP
W-58Tap or click for ImageaLucyCardaleGerman13/11/19067008/08/1838second wife of John German Huntingdon House Ashby de la Zouch Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord; they rest from their labours, and their works do follow them
W-59Tap or click for ImageaJohnGerman01/03/1936911845of Ashby de la Zouch, in his ninety-second year. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him, with long life will I satisfy him
W-60Tap or click for ImageaSusanGerman23/05/18834408/01/1839wife of John German Calm in the bosom of thy God, Fair spirit rest thee now. Ee'n while on earth thy footsteps trod, His seal was on thy brow.
W-61Tap or click for ImageaJohnGarner29/07/191591906son of John and Mary Helena Garner. The Lord gave and the Lord Hath taken away blessed be the name of the Lord Job 1:21
W-62Tap or click for ImageaLeilaMarthaGarner16/03/190918/07/1908daughter of John and Mary Helena Garner He shall gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom. Isaiah XL;11 Elliott
W-63Tap or click for ImageaIsabellaMarthaOakey30/03/19141daughter of Thomas and Janet Oakey, aged 18 months. God is love
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